Sat 03 Feb 2024 9:30 pm - Jerusalem Time

War on Gaza: Israel intensifies its bombing of Rafah, and a human rights Org. documents sniping of civilians

Since dawn on Saturday, the Israeli forces have bombed the last two shelters for displaced people in the Gaza Strip, intensively targeting Rafah in the south of the Strip and Deir al-Balah in its centre, resulting in the death of more than 22 Palestinians, and increasing fears that Israel will expand the scope of its ground operation in the two cities crowded with displaced people.

A child was killed and others were injured in the targeting of a densely populated residential apartment in the Hassan Salama Tower in the Al-Geneina neighborhood, east of Rafah.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that 14 people, including women and children, were killed in an Israeli air strike that targeted a house in Rafah.

Local sources confirmed renewed Israeli raids on the eastern areas of Rafah this evening, adding that the raids also targeted Gaza City.

During the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the Israeli forces committed 12 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, leaving 107 dead and 165 wounded.

Tens of thousands of displaced people have arrived in Rafah in the past few days, carrying their belongings in their hands and dragging children on carts since Israel intensified its aggression against Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip last week.

The Israeli army had previously declared Rafah a “safe zone” and ordered the residents of the north to flee there. According to the United Nations, the number of displaced people in the Egyptian border city is more than 1,300,000.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that the Israeli forces targeted a house adjacent to the society’s headquarters and its affiliated Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis, after a series of attacks targeted the society as the Israeli army intensified its aggression against the city.

The association added that 11 displaced people took refuge in its headquarters and were injured as a result of the occupation forces throwing smoke bombs at them.

Meanwhile, local sources confirmed the arrival of 3 decomposed bodies to the Nasser Medical Complex of martyrs who died during the Israeli bombing west of Khan Yunis, and the Civil Defense had not previously been able to recover them.

Al-Rimal neighborhood

In the northern Gaza Strip, 9 killed and 31 wounded were transferred to the Baptist Hospital in Gaza since this morning.

The Israeli aircraft also launched a raid near Al-Shifa Medical Complex in the northern Gaza Strip.

Two Palestinians were killed and 8 were injured in the bombing of a house near the Maatouq Junction in the Al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City.

Two Palestinians were killed and 3 others were injured by Israeli sniper bullets stationed at the Al-Nasr neighborhood intersection, west of Gaza City.

For its part, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory published a video clip of the body of a young Palestinian man who was executed by the Israeli sniper while he was searching for food near the Palestine Stadium in Gaza City.

The scenes showed a number of cats gathering over the body of the killed thrown on the ground, while the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory confirmed that its teams monitor on a daily basis cases of sniping of Palestinians by the Israeli forces in different areas of the Gaza Strip.

Since last October 7, the Israeli aggression has resulted in the death of 27,238 Palestinians, while the number of wounded has reached 66,452.


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War on Gaza: Israel intensifies its bombing of Rafah, and a human rights Org. documents sniping of civilians