Sat 30 Dec 2023 9:52 pm - Jerusalem Time

"Prisoner's Club": 80 Palestinian prisoners are being tortured and starved in Israel

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club said on Saturday that 80 Palestinian female prisoners in the Israeli Damon Prison "are being subjected to torture, starvation, and harsh detention conditions."

This came in a statement they made about the conditions of the detained women, most of whom were from the Gaza Strip, after a series of visits by lawyers to the prison, during which they met with some of them.

The club said, “The number of female prisoners is 80, the majority of whom are from the Gaza Strip, in addition to female prisoners from the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and female prisoners from the 1948 territories.”

It stated that among the female prisoners were "a pregnant prisoner in her fourth month facing hunger, and the prison administration deliberately brought her burnt, inedible food, and an elderly prisoner, 82 years old, from Gaza, who is subjected to humiliating and humiliating treatment."

It added, "The continuation of torture, abuse, humiliation, and revenge increased the harshness of their detention conditions. Hunger intensified, and the extreme cold exacerbated the tragedy."

The Prisoners' Club stated that the cells of female prisoners "are witnessing great overcrowding, and the majority of them sleep on the floor, and the prison administration does not allow the introduction of blankets."

It added that some of the female prisoners "are still wearing the same clothes they were arrested in, as some of them have been detained for more than a month, and the prison administration refuses to allow them to bring in clothes."

The "Prisoner's Club" pointed out, "isolating the female prisoners of Gaza from the female prisoners of the West Bank and the occupied interior, and preventing them from communicating."

It explained that "female prisoners in Gaza suffer from double torture and humiliating and humiliating treatment, and the prison administration deliberately provides them with undrinkable and dirty water."

The Prisoners' Club says that the majority of the female prisoners who were arrested after the 7th of last October "were subjected to systematic abuse, torture, and humiliation... threats, strip searches, and beatings by female soldiers and female guards."

It pointed out that the female prisoners in Gaza in Damoun prison are “part of other female prisoners detained in (Israeli army) camps, and the occupation refuses to disclose any information about them, or allow legal teams to visit them.”

Regarding the charges against the female prisoners, the club said, “Most of the female prisoners in the West Bank are under administrative detention, or are facing charges related to incitement on social media sites.”

Administrative detention is a detention decision by military order on the grounds of a security threat, without filing an indictment, and it extends to 6 months, which can be extended.

The club called on "all international human rights institutions, led by the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross, to press for the restoration of their true and necessary roles in light of the escalation of crimes against male and female prisoners in the occupation prisons."

As of 18:20 (UTG), the Israeli authorities had not issued a comment on the statement of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.

In total, the total number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons exceeds 7,800, including more than 2,870 administrative detainees, as of the end of November.


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"Prisoner's Club": 80 Palestinian prisoners are being tortured and starved in Israel