Sat 09 Dec 2023 3:38 pm - Jerusalem Time

More than 25% of urban areas in Gaza have been completely wiped off the map

Minister of Public Works and Housing, Muhammad Ziara, said that more than 25% of the urban areas in the Gaza Strip were completely wiped off the map, as a result of the devastating Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, since the seventh of last October.

Ziara added in a press statement today, Saturday, that more than a quarter of a million housing units were destroyed to varying degrees, either completely or partially, while more than 30% of the infrastructure was destroyed, including roads, water and sewage networks, and electricity and communications lines. Destroying thousands of educational, health and service facilities and Islamic and Christian places of worship.

He pointed out that it is not currently possible to realistically estimate the extent of the destruction due to the circumstances of the aggression and the inability of the competent authorities to descend on the ground, and also because the Israeli occupation machine is still continuing its depth in destruction.

He pointed out that after the fuel ran out and there were no heavy machinery to remove the rubble and open the roads, citizens resorted to using manual methods to rescue from under the rubble, which caused the death of thousands of civilians, most of whom were children, women, and the elderly, who were still under the rubble.


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More than 25% of urban areas in Gaza have been completely wiped off the map