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Israeli army is frustrated: The government did not specify the goals of the war on Gaza

Today, Saturday, Haaretz newspaper revealed the frustration prevailing in the leadership of the Israeli occupation army. Because the occupation government has not yet determined the goals that must be achieved at the end of the war on the Gaza Strip, despite more than two months having passed since its launch.

In a report prepared by its military commentator, Amos Harel, the newspaper indicated that the Chief of Staff of the occupation army, Herzi Halevy, demanded, prior to the start of the large ground operation in the Gaza Strip, at the end of last October, from the Mini-Ministerial Council for Security Affairs (Cabinet), that He clearly defines the goals of the war on Gaza without receiving a response from the Council.

The newspaper added that about a month and a half after the start of the ground operation, Halevy is still waiting for the mini-government to define the war goals for him.

Harel strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, indicating that all he meant was trying to secure his political future and prepare for the upcoming elections, by holding “empty meetings” with officers and soldiers.

Commenting on the Haaretz report about the government not specifying clear goals for the war on Gaza, Israeli writer Dan Adin said on the X platform, “The army continues to advance and pay a heavy price without the government setting a clear military goal or policy for it.”

Adin considered that “sacrificing soldiers without specifying a clear goal constitutes a crime” committed by the Netanyahu government, which ignores the army leadership’s request to specify goals for the war, accusing Netanyahu of giving priority to internal and personal political considerations over the requirements of the Israeli interest in the war on Gaza.

For his part, the writer, Ran Edelst, considered Netanyahu’s announcement that the goal of the war was to eliminate Hamas, just a “show.” “The real goal of the war (for Netanyahu) is to preserve his ruling coalition for the ultimate goal of defending settlements in the West Bank,” Edelst wrote on the X platform.

Source: Alaraby Aljadeed


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Israeli army is frustrated: The government did not specify the goals of the war on Gaza