Sat 09 Dec 2023 7:45 am - Jerusalem Time

An Israeli sniper bullet kills the one who said, “I am older than Israel.”

A state of sadness struck social media users after the killing of Hadiya Nassar, the author of the phrase “I am older than Israel,” after she was sniped by the Israeli army, at the age of 80.

Hajja Hadiya became famous at the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza, when she appeared with the Palestinian photographer Saleh Al-Jaafrawi, and the old woman, with her light-hearted appearance, captured the hearts of those who saw her.

Al-Jaafrawi, who was the reason for Hajja Hadiya’s fame, announced her death, commenting on her famous clip, which he republished via the Story feature, saying: “I was martyred, my beloved, my argument. May God have mercy on you and make your resting place Paradise. You are the one who told me your name is Saleh and you are righteous.”

That day, the photographer met her in the hospital, and she was being treated for fractures in her hands and a minor injury to her face.

Al-Jaafrawi re-published a video of himself with the elderly woman, which he had posted on October 22, while holding her identity card, saying: “You, Hajjah, were born in 1944, meaning you are older than Israel.”

Grandmother Hadiya, with green eyes, beautiful features, and a kind face, captured the hearts of millions, after her conversation with Al-Jaafrawi, after she survived the Israeli bombing of her house. She left it carrying a single souvenir in her pocket. She photographed it with her old oven before the Nakba, and mentioned in the video with Al-Jaafrawi: “I was baking bread.” The clay oven has been in operation for more than 20 years.”

Al-Haja, who was born in 1944, four years before the Nakba, clung to her land like thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and refused to be uprooted. She affirmed in the video that, “Palestine is our land. I cling to the land. My country, if they begrudge me, Maria, and my family, if they are cruel to me, will yearn.”

In the video clip, Al-Jaafrawi appears flirting with Hadia’s beautiful eyes, saying: “I’m coming to look at you, your eyes are crazy blue and honey,” so she responds to him shyly: “My eyes are green,” while she hides her face with her white handkerchief... the bullet that killed the woman with the green eyes and the sweet face. She wrote an end to her life, but it certainly did not end her impact or her memory... nor did it erase the fact that she was older than Israel.


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An Israeli sniper bullet kills the one who said, “I am older than Israel.”