Mon 04 Dec 2023 10:03 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel intensifies its raids on the Gaza Strip and death toll has risen to 15,899+ dead

The Israeli occupation escalates its aggression against the Gaza Strip on the 59th day of the war, in which the number of victims reached more than 15,899 dead, at a time when negotiations to extend the humanitarian truce have reached a “dead end,” despite increasing international calls for calm in the face of the humanitarian catastrophe that the residents of the Strip are experiencing.

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" confirmed that the occupation's resumption of its war and aggression will not achieve any of its goals, as the leader of the movement, Osama Hamdan, stressed that "what the occupation did not achieve in more than 50 days before the temporary truce, it will not achieve afterward, no matter how long this war lasts." 

In a recording broadcast by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, the head of the Israeli Internal Security Agency, Shin Bet, Ranen Bar, threatened that Israel would pursue the leaders of the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Turkey, and Qatar, even if it took years, as he put it.

Khan Yunis was subjected to dozens of airstrikes and fire belts, especially in the eastern area in the center of the city, which led to the death of at least 70 citizens and the wounding of hundreds, the majority of whom were children and women.

The occupation army announced that it had launched about ten thousand air strikes since the beginning of its aggression against Gaza, and claimed that it had destroyed about 500 tunnels since the start of the attack, out of more than “800 tunnel openings” that had been discovered in Gaza, according to its claim.


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Israel intensifies its raids on the Gaza Strip and death toll has risen to 15,899+ dead