Sun 03 Dec 2023 10:13 am - Jerusalem Time

Israeli army launches a massive arrest campaign in the West Bank

At dawn on Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a massive raid campaign, including large-scale confrontations and arrests, in various parts of the West Bank, targeting many citizens, including 5 girls.

In Hebron, a young man was shot, at dawn today, during the Israeli occupation forces’ storming of the town of Sa’ir, and they arrested 21 citizens, including a female student and a writer, during raids in the towns of Al-Shuyoukh, Sa’ir, Beit Kahil, and Dura.

According to local sources, confrontations broke out with the occupation forces that raided a number of neighborhoods in the town of Sa'ir, during which a young man was injured by live bullets in his feet, and he was transferred to Alia Governmental Hospital.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces stormed the camp and arrested the young man Kayed Abu Shihab after besieging his house. They also arrested the young man Ayoub al-Hindi after raiding and searching his house, and beating his wife.

In Jenin, local sources said: Large forces of the occupation army, reinforced with military vehicles, stormed the city from several directions amidst the firing of gunshots, which led to the outbreak of confrontations with young men.

The sources added that a reconnaissance plane flew over the city and its camp during the storming of the occupation forces, which were deployed in a number of neighborhoods of the city, and deployed their snipers on the roofs of some high-rise buildings.

Confrontations took place between young men and the occupation forces amid heavy gunfire, but no injuries were reported.


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Israeli army launches a massive arrest campaign in the West Bank