Sat 02 Dec 2023 3:54 pm - Jerusalem Time

Negotiations to resume the truce falter... Israel returns the Mossad team from Doha

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to return the Mossad intelligence team from Doha after reaching a “dead end” in the negotiations aimed at renewing the truce and exchanging detainees with the Hamas movement, according to what Agence France-Presse reported from his office today (Saturday).

The office said in a statement: “After the negotiations reached a dead end, and under the guidance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mossad Chief David Barnea ordered his team in Doha to return to Israel.”

Previously, an informed source revealed to Reuters that a team from the Israeli Mossad is in Doha today (Saturday) to discuss the resumption of the truce in Gaza with Qatari mediators.

The source added that the Mossad talks, mediated by Qatar, focus on the possibility of releasing new categories of Israeli hostages and new truce standards.

Fighting between Israel and Hamas resumed on Friday, after a 7-day ceasefire. About 240 Palestinians have been killed, according to official announcements in the Gaza Strip, since the resumption of fighting.

Israel claims that Hamas violated the terms of the agreement by launching rockets towards its territory during the night. Sirens sounded in southern Israeli towns near Gaza on Friday afternoon.

Israel and Hamas are studying new criteria for the release of hostages and a truce even before the collapse of the truce.

The truce, which began on November 24, saw the release of women, children, and foreign hostages who had been held by Hamas in the October 7 attack. In return, Israel released a number of Palestinian detainees in its prisons, including women.

Israel and Hamas exchanged accusations of causing the collapse of the truce, which lasted a week and was extended twice before the mediators failed to find a way to extend a third.

Israel accused Hamas of refusing to release all the women it detains. A Palestinian official said that the collapse came after Israel demanded that Hamas release the female soldiers.


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Negotiations to resume the truce falter... Israel returns the Mossad team from Doha