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Despite the resumption of war... persistent efforts to return to the truce in Gaza

The Wall Street Journal said that negotiators are rushing to negotiate to restore the week-long truce between Israel and Hamas, which ended on Friday morning, as Israel resumed its bombing of the Gaza Strip, reigniting the war that has been going on for nearly two months and left large parts of Gaza is in a state of complete destruction, and has claimed the lives of more than 15,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, and more than 30,000 wounded, many of whom are critically injured.

The newspaper says, “Israel launched new bombing attacks (Friday morning) and warned the Palestinians of imminent fighting in parts of southern Gaza, endangering more than a million people, including hundreds of thousands who fled there after weeks of fighting in the northern part of the Strip.” ".

The newspaper adds, "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government aims to intensify pressure on Hamas through a renewed military campaign aimed either at forcing the group to release more hostages or to continue until the militants are defeated."

An American official revealed to the newspaper that US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, pressured Netanyahu’s government in his meetings to find out how long the war would continue, and that despite increasing pressure on the Israeli government to stop its attack on Gaza, the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu and his team, refuse to provide any clear timeline. .

The newspaper pointed out that American officials say that "international pressure may force Israel to stop its operations by early next year, especially if civilian casualties continue at high levels, which is a timetable that Israel has not accepted."

On Friday, the Gaza Strip was subjected to a violent Israeli bombardment that killed more than 200 people in one day (since the end of the truce).

An American official said, "Israel promised in recent days to carry out a more targeted military operation that would limit civilian casualties or damage to buildings and infrastructure," according to the newspaper.

International calls continue to resume the truce, warning of the repercussions of the resumption of fighting on civilians in the Gaza Strip, where the humanitarian crisis is worsening.

The newspaper notes that Israel is facing internal pressure from the families of the hostages so that indirect talks with Hamas do not stop, not to mention international pressure, primarily from the United States, to restrict the timetable and tactics of its military operation in Gaza.

An Israeli official said on Friday that his country "is ready to consider future periods of stopping the war in Gaza to allow the release of the largest possible number of hostages, which represents a top priority for the country."

Israel says it wants Hamas to release its kidnapped women and children, while the movement in Gaza says it is not detaining any more women and children, and has offered to hand over the bodies of some of the dead and elderly men.

The newspaper quotes former Deputy National Security Advisor in Israel, Eran Etzion, as saying that Hamas “was able to survive the initial Israeli attack, and may believe that it has a chance to survive in the long term if pressure increases on Israel to stop its renewed attack in southern Gaza before it is defeated.” .

He added, "While the United States believes that Israel has only weeks left, it will be difficult for Israel to achieve its war goals within weeks... This is a weakness that Hamas has certainly identified."

For its part, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority quoted informed sources as saying that Israel had informed the mediators that it wanted to return to calm in the Gaza Strip for one day, while the White House said that it had expectations of the possibility of declaring a new truce in the Strip.

Israel wants a one-day truce in exchange for the release of more women and children detained in Gaza, according to the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.

But the sources told the Broadcasting Corporation that the possibility of a return to calm tonight is slim, and that there is a chance of reaching an agreement within two or four days.


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Despite the resumption of war... persistent efforts to return to the truce in Gaza