Fri 01 Dec 2023 6:09 pm - Jerusalem Time

Updated: The West Bank is a scene of settler attacks on Palestinians

Today, Friday, armed settlers and Israeli occupation forces attacked sheep herders in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, and forcefully forced them to leave their lands.

Local sources reported that a group of armed settlers attacked farmers and sheep herders from the Aliyan Awad family in the “Al-Maraheen Al-Bidh” area, and entered their herds onto citizens’ lands.

The occupation forces also forcefully evacuated the people from those pastures, forced them to leave them, and allowed the colonists to bring their herds into the pastures.

In Salfit, this evening, settlers stormed the “Al-Ras” area in the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit, assaulted property and stole a sum of money.

Local sources reported that the settlers, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, fired bullets at the unarmed citizens who confronted them, stole a sum of money from a citizen, destroyed the monument to the martyr Mithqal Rayan, and destroyed several vehicles, while confrontations broke out with the citizens during which the occupation army fired live bullets and threw Poison gas bombs.

In Nablus, settlers cut down 50 olive trees in the town of Qasra, south of the city.

Settlement resistance activist Fouad Hassan said that settlers from the “Esh Kodesh” settlement outpost cut down 50 olive trees east of the town, owned by citizen Jawdat Aref.


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Updated: The West Bank is a scene of settler attacks on Palestinians