Fri 01 Dec 2023 11:03 pm - Jerusalem Time

Journalists Syndicate: 67 journalists killed since October 7

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate announced the death of 67 journalists and media workers as a result of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since last October 7.

The union explained in a press release issued by the union’s Freedoms Committee today, Friday, that with the death of the three colleagues, the doctor of media at Gaza universities, Adham Hassouna, the photojournalist Abdullah Darwish, and the photographer Montaser Al-Sawaf, the number of dead from the journalistic situation in the Gaza Strip has reached 67 male and female colleagues since the beginning of the aggression.

The head of the Freedoms Committee, Muhammad al-Laham, explained that the difficulty of monitoring and documentation remains a major obstacle to documentation due to the continuity and intensity of the Israeli aggression, as some parties indicated, for example, that journalist Alaa al-Hasanat was alive, while the Freedoms Committee was not able to confirm that, and controversy had previously been raised about the death of her colleague. Maimana's Islam was between denial and confirmation. It continued for days until the news of her death was confirmed. Al-Lahham added that there are two journalists, Nidal Al-Wahidi and Haitham Abdel-Wahed, whose fate has not been confirmed yet, since contact with them has been cut off since the first day of the aggression against Gaza.


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Journalists Syndicate: 67 journalists killed since October 7