Wed 29 Nov 2023 1:49 pm - Jerusalem Time

Four Palestinians, including two children killed during Israeli aggression against Jenin

Al-Quds' correspondent in Jenin reported the death of two leaders of the Jenin Brigade, whose names were at the top of the wanted list, namely Muhammad Jamal Al-Zubaidi (26 years old) and Wissam Iyad Hanoun (27 years old), as a result of an armed clash with the occupation forces that besieged them in the Al-Damj neighborhood.

The occupation forces confiscated the bodies of the two martyrs.

It is noteworthy that Al-Zubaidi is a freed prisoner who was arrested several times on charges of belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement. He has been pursued by Israel for a year and a half. He survived several assassination attempts and was injured several times. He is the brother of Naim Al-Zubaidi, the leader of the shadow groups who was killed during an armed clash a year ago. He is also Zakaria’s Al-Zubaidi cousin one of the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel.

As for Hanoun, he is a liberated prisoner who was arrested many times on charges of belonging to the Popular Front. He was injured several times and refused to surrender himself since Israel chased him. It is reported that his brother Wiam was killed two weeks ago.

This Wednesday afternoon, two children were murdered by Israeli occupation forces' bullets during their ongoing aggression against the city of Jenin and its camp.

The Ministry of Health said that the child Adam Samer Al-Ghoul (8 years old) and the child Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa (15 years old) were killed by occupation bullets in Jenin.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said that its crews transported a dead child from the Basateen neighborhood in the city of Jenin to the hospital after he was hit by occupation bullets.

The occupation forces continue their aggression against Jenin camp, where they launched a massive arrest campaign and evacuated citizens in the Damj neighborhood from their homes amid violent confrontations.

Local sources said that the occupation forces, at gunpoint, forced the residents of the Damj neighborhood to evacuate their homes after a massive destruction of homes and streets in the neighborhood, and bombed a house from a drone.

The occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign in the camp.

The occupation bulldozers also demolished the infrastructure, including water, electricity and sewage networks, and destroyed several vehicles in the camp.

The occupation forces kidnapped one of the injured people from the ambulance while he was being transported to the hospital.


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Four Palestinians, including two children killed during Israeli aggression against Jenin