Wed 29 Nov 2023 11:24 am - Jerusalem Time

Prisoner Etaf Jaradat: The effects of Israeli jailer's beatings still on my body

Ataf Jaradat, one of the female prisoners released from Israeli prisons following her release in the fourth batch as part of the exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, said at dawn on Tuesday that the Palestinian female prisoners “were severely beaten and humiliated after last October 7.”

She added: "After October 7, the female prisoners were isolated, and I personally was beaten until marks were left on my body. We were insulted, leaving us without beds and blankets."

She pointed out that the Israeli authorities tried to break our morale, but they failed.

She continued: "It is as if I am living in a dream. After two years of difficult detention, today I am free and we broke the prison gate despite the occupation's will and with the will of resistance."

She pointed out that conditions in Israeli prisons are very bad, as everything has been withdrawn from the prisoners’ rooms.

She said: "We know that the price of our freedom is very high at the expense of the blood of our people in the Gaza Strip and their homes that were destroyed."

She continued: "I hold my head high for them, and God willing, the day will come when we will see all the prisoners liberated from prisons soon."

Ataf Jaradat (50 years old), from the town of Silat al-Harithiya, near Jenin, in the northern West Bank, has been detained for two years, and two of her sons are in prison.

Since Friday morning, the Gaza Strip has witnessed a temporary humanitarian truce that guarantees a complete ceasefire, against the backdrop of a prisoner exchange agreement and deal concluded between the Palestinian Hamas movement and Israel, under Qatari-Egyptian-American mediation.

By completing the exchange of Palestinian prisoners and Israeli hostages in the fourth batch, Israel will have released 150 Palestinian prisoners from its prisons, in exchange for Hamas releasing 50 Israeli civilians, all of them women and minors.


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Prisoner Etaf Jaradat: The effects of Israeli jailer's beatings still on my body