Wed 29 Nov 2023 2:33 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian President: Absence of Palestinian rights is the root cause for regional escalation

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today (Wednesday) that the "dangerous escalation in the region" is mainly caused by the absence and neglect of Palestinian rights.

In his speech on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls today, Abbas stressed that the world “should not stand by and watch what Israel is doing of all kinds of killing, destruction, arrest and displacement against the Palestinian people.”

He urged the search for a radical solution to the Israeli occupation and its presence on the land of the State of Palestine, stressing that "ending the occupation and realizing the rights of the Palestinian people is the only way to maintain regional and international stability, security and peace."

Abbas warned that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip "are exposed to an existential threat and the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians in light of the horrific international crimes committed by Israel, including war crimes and crimes against humanity."

He said that Israel "launched a barbaric aggression, a dirty war of retaliation, and genocidal crimes, targeting innocent people. More than 60,000 Palestinians have been killed and wounded so far, including 70% of children, women, and the elderly, in addition to thousands of victims under the rubble."

He added, "Entire families were exterminated, and more than 1.7 million Palestinians were displaced in an attempt to implement a new Nakba, in addition to tens of thousands of homes, buildings, facilities, shelter centers, and infrastructure that were destroyed by the Israeli war machine on top of their residents."

Abbas stressed that peace and security "cannot be achieved by stripping the Palestinians of their humanity or demonizing them, nor by crushing the skulls of infants and shedding the blood of children, nor by erasing Gaza, turning it into hell, or reducing its area."

The Palestinian President called on the international community and international organizations to "stop the silent annexation and settlement measures and stop the daily practices of ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination in the entire occupied Palestinian territory."

He also urged that the State of Palestine be enabled to obtain full membership in the United Nations by a Security Council decision, as a first step, in addition to the fact that countries that want to maintain the two-state solution recognize the State of Palestine now and support peace.

Abbas concluded his speech by saying, "It is time to hold an international peace conference, impose international will, reject Israel's intransigence in rejecting this vision, and recognize the right of the Palestinian people to exist and to self-determination."


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Palestinian President: Absence of Palestinian rights is the root cause for regional escalation