Tue 28 Nov 2023 9:40 pm - Jerusalem Time

Prisoners Exchange deal: Hamas releases 10 Israelis and two Thais

This evening, Tuesday, the Al-Qassam Brigades released 10 Israeli hostages, as part of the fifth batch in the prisoner exchange deal that included the temporary truce agreement in the besieged Gaza Strip. The resistance factions also released two Thais who were detained in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army confirmed that it received the hostages from the International Red Cross.

The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed earlier that its teams “succeeded in facilitating the release and transfer of 12 hostages held in Gaza,” which was confirmed by the office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Israeli army, in two separate statements. Netanyahu's office explained that the hostages who were released included a minor girl and 9 women, in addition to two Thais.

The spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Minister, Majed Al-Ansari, had explained that the Israelis released from Gaza were “a minor girl and 9 women, one of whom holds Austrian citizenship, 2 from Argentina, in addition to a Filipino citizen,” in exchange for 15 female prisoners, and 15 children and boys from the movement’s cubs held captive in prisons. Occupation.

What is noteworthy about today’s handover operation is the participation of the “Jerusalem Brigades”, the military wing of the “Islamic Jihad” movement, in the handover process, which indicates that some of the hostages who were handed over in the fifth batch were being held by the “Jerusalem Brigades” in the Gaza Strip since the seventh operation. Since last October.

A few hours before the end of the basic truce, Monday, Qatar and the United States announced an agreement to extend it for two additional days, until seven o’clock on Thursday morning, while the Qatari capital, Doha, is witnessing, in the meantime, persistent attempts to extend the truce beyond next Thursday.


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Prisoners Exchange deal: Hamas releases 10 Israelis and two Thais