Tue 28 Nov 2023 10:56 am - Jerusalem Time

Israeli liberated prisoners say: Food was scarce even for the guards

Israelis who were recently liberated from captivity by the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip said that Israeli bombing was sometimes close to them, which sometimes prompted Hamas guards to evacuate their positions and leave the Israelis in a room alone, according to the Arab World News Agency ».

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted testimonies of Israelis detained in Gaza who said that food and drink were scarce, even for the guards themselves.

The authority added: “The testimony of one of the abductees who was released sheds light on the harsh conditions in which they were being held by Hamas, the little food they were receiving and whose supplies had deteriorated in recent days.”

The authority quotes one of the detainees as talking about “bad health conditions, a long stay underground, and constant terror.”

Family members of one of the detainees said that Hamas members were dividing the bread into small pieces in order to distribute it to the detainees to ensure that it was enough for everyone.

In the past four days, Hamas released dozens of Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, as part of a truce between Israel and the Hamas movement, which was extended today (Tuesday) for an additional two days, to allow the release of more Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees and the delivery of aid to the Gaza Strip, where the humanitarian situation still “catastrophic.”

Under the agreement reached with Qatari and Egyptian mediation last week, Hamas released 50 Israeli women and children who were detained in Gaza, in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons, with the option of doubling these numbers if the truce is extended for five days.


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Israeli liberated prisoners say: Food was scarce even for the guards