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Le Point: The “Western moment” is over and Europe is turning into a retirement home

The emergence of China, India, the aggressive return of Russia, and the ambitions of Turkey, Brazil and other countries herald the end of the “Western moment,” that short period that since the collapse of the communist bloc has seen a united West led by the United States dictate its law to the rest of the world, which should serve as a wake-up call for what is often repeated that we are living in.” The collapse of the American empire.

With this introduction, Gérard Arrow began his article in the French magazine Le Point, stressing that the West had barely realized this moment because its superiority seemed natural and useful to it in a “rules-based world” and “the spread of human rights and democracy,” without realizing that its actions often contradicted its words which causes resentment and bitterness around him.

But now - as the writer sees - the world has begun to liberate itself from the guardianship of the West, which is evident in its audacity to declare the end of the West’s moment and to criticize democracy, which the West has been obliging everyone to worship publicly if they do not appear enthusiastic about it, asking: Will this inevitable collapse sweep away everyone? Americans and Europeans? Is Europe doomed to become a tourist destination or a retirement home?

But the writer seems not to be convinced that this end is near, at least with regard to the United States, which maintains its traditional advantages: the global financial center in New York, excellent universities, exceptional research centers, and a continuing entrepreneurial spirit, which provides investors with a large market, abundant and inexpensive energy, and absolute legal and financial security. Especially since efforts to overthrow the supremacy of the dollar have all failed so far.

Obama's prophecy

But this issue seems more difficult for Europe, as former US President Barack Obama predicted in 2016 when he said that the future of the world would be determined between New Delhi and Los Angeles. For Americans and Asians, Europe certainly remains a rich region, but it is gradually marginalized due to the return of Asia, which for thousands of years was the richest region in the world.

The writer pointed out that the century of the Pacific Ocean will come after the century of the Atlantic Ocean, especially since the modest growth in Europe and before it the increasing decrease in demographics heralds an aging continent that sleeps in the comfort of its social democracy and memories of its greatness, and it will be more of a tourist destination than a center for creativity and adventure.

However, before it becomes a holiday camp and a home for the elderly, Europe can experience good days on the margins of history despite Russia's hostility and the danger of the presence of a strong Turkey that wants to regain its position, and above all the presence of Africa with a young demographic structure at the gates of a rich and aging continent.

Although Europe has proven its ability to withstand many times, today it needs all its advantages to avoid becoming a victim of a history it wrote itself a long time ago, but it is divided into cantons in a world in which it needs unity, vision, and youth most.

Source: Le Point +Aljazeera


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Le Point: The “Western moment” is over and Europe is turning into a retirement home