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Lotan: The far right in the West... strict supporters of Israel and false friends of the Jews

The Swiss newspaper "Lotan" said that the photo of the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, which shows him with the Israeli flag behind him next to the Dutch flag, did not go unnoticed, describing him as a populist leader who seeks to remove Islam from the Netherlands, and for whom Israel represents the first line of defense for the West.

The newspaper added in a report written by Frederic Kohler that Wilders' identification - whose anti-European, anti-foreigner and anti-Muslim party won - with the Israeli occupation's battles against "Islamic terrorism" and the promotion of Greater Israel through settlements has become a sign of the extreme right, not only in Europe.

The newspaper pointed out that when Javier Miller won the presidential elections in Argentina, he gave his first interview to a newspaper, to announce that his first official visit abroad would be to Israel in order to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem, in the footsteps of former US President Donald Trump.

Nationalists support Israel

From President Viktor Orban in Hungary to the Christian Democratic Union in Switzerland, Lotan says, the strongest support for the Israeli authorities today comes from nationalist groups that are increasing almost everywhere, as the writer says, and this may be due to two reasons: fear and rejection of Muslim immigration, and ideological rapprochement with an Israeli state. Recently I have drifted towards the far right, which links nationalism and religious extremism.

The newspaper comments that what is amazing is that the mobilization against anti-Semitism after the resistance attack on the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October broke down the barriers that prevent racist groups from adopting the fight against racism.

Not support for the Jews

The writer asked, “Is Marine Le Pen, head of the far-right party in France, going against anti-Semitism or in support of Israel?” Then he answered that her move is neither support for the Jews nor mobilization against anti-Semitism, but rather support for a state that takes revenge by imposing collective punishment on the residents of Gaza.

In Europe, as in the United States, only Jews who do not want to be associated with the policies of the State of Israel and do not find themselves on the side of the extreme right are concerned.

The report quoted the former head of Doctors Without Borders, Ronnie Brauman, as saying, “Israel is not only the place where Jews are exposed to the greatest danger in the world, but Israel also exposes the world’s Jews to danger.” In other words, it is time to distinguish between the true supporters of Israel and the false friends of the Jews.

Source: Lotan


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Lotan: The far right in the West... strict supporters of Israel and false friends of the Jews