Mon 27 Nov 2023 10:04 am - Jerusalem Time

The prisoner exchange deal is a positive step

A prisoner exchange agreement was agreed upon and implemented between Israel and the Hamas movement, and young Palestinian men, women and men returned to their homes, families, which had a positive impact on the Palestinian public opinion. Israel tried to procrastinate, but that had no effect, and the deal and prisoner exchange was completed, and this had a positive impact on national public opinion, in addition to, of course, the family, relatives and friends of those who were liberated and returned to their homes.
It was noticeable that there were young men among these liberated people, which increased the joy of the family and the public, because closing the doors to the future for these young men through captivity, imprisonment, and life behind bars negatively affects them, their families, and the national community in general.
Various news sources confirmed that Qatar had a major positive role in achieving this deal, just as Egypt had its positive role in this field, and our people appreciate Egypt and Qatar for these clear and positive positions. If it had not been for them, the matter might have been different and these prisoners who were liberated would not have tasted the flavor of freedom without these efforts.
Extending the truce and repairing the massive damage in the Gaza Strip
The pictures that were broadcast during the short truce in the Gaza Strip showed the extent of the massive destruction, devastation, that befell many buildings, streets, institutions, and in general the life and livelihood of the people in that small-sized and densely populated area.
We support a long-term cessation of these Israeli attacks and the war with Hamas and its institutions, and we call on all honest Arab, Islamic and international countries to provide all necessary funds and various assistance to rebuild what the occupation destroyed and create humane conditions for the lives of people in that region.

What is required is not just statements or declarations of solidarity and support, but rather the provision of effective financial support and the necessary economic aid to rebuild what was destroyed by the occupation’s missiles so that the necessary living conditions are available for the families, including children, women, the elderly and others, and so that a simple life becomes possible and its conditions are available.
Hence, we call once again for a long extension of the truce and for the provision of the necessary international aid, including money and other things, so that the Gaza Strip and its steadfast and patient people can regain their lives and future aspirations. 


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The prisoner exchange deal is a positive step