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Gaza is reshaping the world morally

It is not wise to write about a moving issue such as the war taking place in Gaza today, as many conclusions necessarily follow from the events of the field. But if this happens for certain considerations, it is very important that the writer does not submit to the desire of the public, which often demands that he turn into a “prophet” who tells him the outcome of the war, and relieves him of the anxious question that bothers him all the time.

He must also address those dimensions and aspects that have become clear, and which the continuation of the war will not change except by making it more clear, which applies to the complete moral defeat of Israel, and of the Western regime in general.
There is no doubt that the strategic dimension of any war is the most important and influential. However, it is still early to delve into it with regard to the war on Gaza, even though many of its features have become clear. It requires waiting for the final results of the interactions on the ground. 

As for the moral and ethical dimension of this war, it also gains extreme and exceptional importance, given that its implications go beyond the conflict currently taking place in Gaza and “Envelopes”, to reach the major questions related, without the slightest exaggeration, to the nature of the hoped-for global order, and to the present and future realities of humanity in general.
What is happening in Gaza now takes things back to their beginnings and to their basic and major questions, not only with regard to Palestine and its cause, and Israel and its “circumstances,” but mainly with the West, its system, its values, and even its “achievements,” even in matters that seemed to the world, for a long time, to be humanitarian such as human rights and international law. 

What is happening raises all question marks, and in fact removes all those marks, about the moral aspect of Western civilization, revealing it for its naked truth, that truth that almost disappeared behind the “dust” of progress, technology and globalization.
Gaza now stimulates in us not only the desire, but the necessity to reconsider everything related to the West and its civilization, from the issue of “Renaissance” to the “New” world, colonial wars, slavery, and the concepts of right, justice, morality, humanity, and even peace.
Morally, Gaza showed the “free world” as its mother gave birth to it, revealed its crisis, and highlighted the dangers to humanity in its civilization. It is “understandable” that the West supports Israel politically, but its justification for all these crimes it committed in Gaza against thousands of children, women and the elderly, and even its encouragement of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, exceeds all logic. The West's support for Israel nullified its ability to camouflage and represent, and made it lose its "keenness" to direct the scenes in a way that demonstrated its moral "superiority."
Western leaders wanted to make October 7 appear as if it was a day outside of history, nothing had happened before it, and nothing had happened after it. They flocked to Israel, from the eldest, Biden, to the youngest (it is difficult to identify) to show their solidarity with it, and to affirm its right to “self-defense” (exterminate the Palestinians), and to meet with the families of the “kidnapped” to show solidarity and gain blessing, as if a million Palestinians had entered Israeli detention centers since 1967, (There is no need now to mention what happened before that), about six thousand of them were still in prison on the seventh day of October, and more than three thousand were added to them after that, and they are not human.
Saying that the Western system is without morals does not represent the entire truth. The problem is that in addition to being so, it is selective, racist, and “useful” in its “moral” positions. In Ukraine, for example, it claimed that its morals only allow him to stand with Ukraine, which is subjected to Russian “aggression.” 

The International Criminal Court, as one of the tools of the Western regime, issued a decision to arrest President Putin on charges of illegal deportation of the Ukrainian population and children, while the court does not seem to see a deportation of the population. In Gaza, not even a quote from them, or perhaps you consider that deportation by air, land and sea “carpet” bombing and their extermination falls within the scope of the law.
It is clear that the Western regime, whose racism and “moral” bullying has reached the point of being keen to “refrain” from committing its own crimes, except when absolutely necessary, has begun to manufacture its “criminal” tools from the oppressed peoples themselves, or from those whose fate it does not care about a
s long as it is in its ultimate interest. 

This applies to its use of ISIS and security companies, as well as its use of affiliated systems, as is the case in Ukraine and many Eastern countries. It found that matters needed “personal” and direct intervention when it came to Israel, so its battleships and forces arrived even before the battles began.
In order for this hideous image of the Western system not to distance us from the great positive image of millions of people in the West, increasing numbers of those people, especially the youth, are discovering the truth of their systems and the truth of Israel, and are adhering to their humanitarian position in support of the Palestinians’ salvation from this “nightmare,” which has represented the role of victim for most. 

A century ago, the recent events in Gaza came to show this with all clarity that leaves no room for any doubt. This solidarity, which was carried out by individuals in the past (Rachel Corrie, for example), is being carried out by millions in America, Europe, and various countries of the world these days.

Israel...moral fall
As soon as the events of October 7 occurred, the Israelis lost their minds. They are no longer keen on “embellishing” their reactions and the way they reach the world. They revealed their true selves, and this only happened to them on rare occasions, the most notable of which was October 7th. These rare times have proven that the terrified Israel is the real Israel.
On that day, the Israelis returned to their roots: a racist, colonial entity based on getting rid of the Palestinian people through displacement or extermination, and saw the presence of the Palestinian as a negation of its own existence.
Immediately after that day, Netanyahu declared that those in Gaza were not human, and Israeli Defense Minister Gallant described them as human monsters. He said that he would cut off water, food, and electricity from them, and he did. The Israeli Heritage Minister also threatened to strike Gaza with nuclear bombs.
This is at the level of statements, but at the level of procedures, Israel has denied freedom of expression, as it has long been keen to project its image as a representative of the “free world” in the region. It killed dozens of journalists within days, closed the Al-Mayadeen channel office, threatened Al Jazeera, and began 
disrupting social media, monitoring it and limiting its effectiveness. 

Soldiers began asking about Palestinians’ phones at checkpoints before asking for their IDs in order to search them. Many Israelis were punished, including two members of parliament who sympathized with the victims of the aggression in Gaza, and deducted their salaries, just as the authorities of some Third World countries do, which do not differentiate between the state and the regime, or between citizenship and political position.

Militarily, Israel attacked Gaza with all its facilities in front of the cameras and without the slightest ambiguity. Residential towers, houses, hospitals, universities, schools, most of which belong to the UNRWA, the infrastructure and everything... there was nothing left or a sanctified place in Gaza, and thousands of victims fell, children, women and the elderly, in scenes that no human being, no matter how hard-hearted, could bear.
This is what the Israeli regime is doing now in Gaza. Its “superiority” in killing increases in severity and “efficiency” whenever it fails in the fight. From what we see, it seems that Israel deceived us by convincing us that its army is fighting, as its history does not go beyond killing and committing crimes. This regime wants everyone to be convinced of its story and its superiority, and whoever does not do so will be subject to “demonization” by Israel, the West, and their “minions.”
What deepens the issue of moral decadence in Israel, and perhaps what is unique among the countries of the world, is that this does not apply to the political system alone, but rather includes many of the elites and most of society, given the special situation in which that society is formed. Perhaps the most prominent evidence of this, in addition to the crimes of settlers in the West Bank, is the petition signed by a thousand Israeli doctors demanding that Gaza hospitals be attacked under the pretext of being used by “terrorists.”
It is unfortunate that the Zionist forces that usurped Palestine and represented it as the State of Israel after its establishment, also usurped the representation of many non-Zionist Jews, who were innocent of it, its racism, and its colonial goals. A part of them began to realize what the reality of this state poses politically and morally, not only for the Palestinians and neighboring peoples, but even for the Jews themselves, as was shown in the demonstrations in which many of them participated in denouncing the crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.
With these actions, Israel constitutes a burden on the Palestinians, the Arabs, and all of humanity, including the Jews themselves. It creates a crisis for the Jews, which they must address by openly and clearly refusing to represent it to them, and by disavowing all the crimes it commits. The Jews' failure to recognize the danger of Israel and its actions towards them may pave the way for reactions of which they may be victims in the future.
A quick review of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is sufficient to show that Israel does not “give up” anything except by force. This is what happened when it withdrew from the lands it occupied in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, and this is what appeared in all cases of prisoner exchange. This explains why it released thousands of prisoners when the opposing party had the means of force to pressure it, while it did not release even a single prisoner for humanitarian reasons, or as a reward for its “friends” on the other side.
A state that is only deterred by force, and does not take lessons from its moments of weakness when it is at the height of its power, like Israel, means that it is a state without morals and without conscience, and it means that it is a burden on the world. It is not easy to predict what crimes may come from it, and the danger of this increases when we know that it is a nuclear state, and it feels absolute support from the major Western powers.

Palestine... a shortcut to morals
In contrast, Palestine's cause embodies all human rights, as well as the true concept of morality. Despite everything Zionism committed against them, the Palestinians never once acted as avengers. When they had the opportunity to fight, they did so ethically. They were never killers like their enemies, but rather they were real fighters, and when they were captured by their enemies, they dealt with them ethically. Even the captivity itself did not have a goal in itself, but rather to liberate their captives.
If there is any criticism of the moral dimension of the Palestinians on their path to liberation, it is the extent of “naivety” they reach when they bet on the morals of their enemy. Anyone who thinks carefully about the Oslo process, for example, which was the biggest step for the Palestinians towards finding some solution to their issue, will find that the biggest problem was in assuming that their behavior in good faith assumed their enemy would act as well, which is what the Palestinians have suffered from and are still suffering from.

Palestine and the new moral order
The future world order must be reasonable and acceptable... This means that it must be moral. Palestine, with its moral superiority that has recently become so apparent, just as the immoral clarity of its enemies has done, has dealt a devastating blow to the moral “superiority” of the West. This refers not only to Palestine's role in reshaping the East "morally", but also to its role in reshaping the world.
What happened in Gaza and Palestine recently, and what Israel and America did, and the positions taken by Western European countries in support of the occupation and its crimes, and even those positions against the ceasefire, which was taken by the West as well as the United Nations itself, which is supposed to be its most important goals, presented a great service to China, Russia and all countries seeking to create a different world order, which should be more just and ethical.
The Palestinian issue has proven that justice is the basis of peace. Justice is what eliminates injustice, not abstract peace. The West and Israel’s talk about peace without removing the injustice imposed on peoples, especially the Palestinian people, is nothing but the consecration of an unreasonable world order.
The peoples of the world have also demonstrated, through their solidarity with Gaza and Palestine, their desire for a world order in which morals prevail. This was demonstrated by the demonstrations of Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Washington, and students at Harvard and other universities. These peoples will not accept a system in which the United States morally controls the fate of the world, and they will not accept that Israel continues to impose its occupation, racism, and hegemony on Palestine and the region... This is as it should be after all the blood shed by Israel in Gaza.


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