Mon 27 Nov 2023 8:46 am - Jerusalem Time

The Palestinian dilemma and the way out

We knew what the Americans and Israelis wanted; What must the Palestinians do to escape the fatal fate of their eternal dream? Freedom and independence.

If the wind is opposite; What can be done effectively to preserve the dream and provide better conditions for its realization?

We must make it clear that the Palestinian Authority is one thing and the Palestinians are another.

Politically, morally, and nationally, those who agree with Abbas and those who disagree with him and on him among the Palestinians should not allow any party other than themselves to determine Abbas’s status, even if their issue is intertwined with all the issues of the universe, and for the Palestinians to remove this card from the hands of those who work to arrange their affairs according to their own agendas; there is no escape from them putting the way out of all their crises into their own hands.

There is no harm in asking their brothers and friends to support them in whatever they decide for themselves, and all that I have mentioned, some of it starts from the moment, and some of it after the war has ended.

First: From the moment, a way must be found to end the division, and the matter does not need to enter into new dialogues after the millions of hours of dialogue that have been conducted from its beginning until now. The matter needs a joint declaration that the decision to unite has been taken, and that the incubator for national action is the “PLO,” and that It will be repaired from within.

Second: It is also announced that the general presidential and legislative elections and the “PLO” will be the priority for national action, according to what was agreed upon in May of 2021, specifically after the war has ended, and this time it has become necessary to emphasize that Jerusalem is at the heart of the electoral process, with or without Israel's approval, and we have the means to conduct it, and we call on the world to stand with the ballot box in the face of the occupation's rifle.

Third: Whether a political horizon for a solution opens, or remains closed, the Palestinians are in dire need of a comprehensive reform of their internal situation, as the imbalance in it has gone beyond the catastrophic division, paralyzing all aspects of life. This is a process that should take place from within the national institutions and not from outside them, without preconditions on the part of any party, and no “veto” right for any faction. The decision should be taken democratically and from within the elected parliamentary institution.

The prolongation of the division and the resulting deadly paralysis are essentially caused by isolating the people from their natural role in national decision-making, and replicating failure and its tools time after time. This has led to the weakening of all components of national action, and opened the doors wide for deep and determined external intervention in Palestinian affairs, from the very least. Its levels reached their highest levels, and this is what encouraged many to impose guardianship over the Palestinian people, now and in the future. From “How is Gaza run?” to “Who should be president?” and everything in between.

Returning to the issue of President Mahmoud Abbas, whose status the Americans propose to designate as an honorary president. This means that the president who succeeds him is the one they are satisfied with, and does not deviate from the text written for him.

Abbas's fate must be determined by the Palestinians; If he emerges victorious from the ballot box through free and fair elections, he has that right, and if the Palestinians decide to relieve him and send him home, then they have that right.

Those who talk about the Authority and its president with the logic of their monopoly on determining what it should or should not be must first explicitly acknowledge the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and establish their independent state, and explicitly acknowledge the inevitability of resolving the refugee issue in accordance with the relevant international resolutions.

Instead of exercising their pressure and conditions on the Palestinians, let them exert them on the Israeli occupier, which is committing the most horrific crimes in the West Bank and Gaza, and it is the only occupation that still exists in the entire world.

This is the basis. As for them continuing their support for the annihilation of the Palestinian people, falsifying their rights by abolishing them, and distracting the world with the story of who rules and who does not rule, this is something that should not be accepted by the Palestinians and their friends and brothers.

What is right and just... is for these people to come to their senses and set the first priority in their policies and behavior, which is to adopt the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination first, and to support them in embodying this right, and to obtain all the rights specified and guaranteed by international legitimacy. The Palestinian people do not ask for more or less. Thus, the balance of truth and justice is balanced, and this is what the world can do if it wants.


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The Palestinian dilemma and the way out