Fri 24 Nov 2023 10:50 am - Jerusalem Time

Technology and Palestinian rights

If there is any credit for the war that Israel has been waging on the Gaza Strip for about fifty days; it is the ability of technology to support the truth and reveal it, despite all the obstacles and Western media attacks that were unable to withstand the power of the truth supported by technology.

The war on Gaza began with a set of lies, which were picked up and promoted by the Western media machine, with the aim of influencing Western and Israeli public opinion in order to support the war. Here we recall the words of former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld when his government was preparing to launch the war to occupy Iraq, and when he admitted that he had prepared an entire administration for the “lie industry” and propaganda against Iraq.

We recall the famous Security Council session in which Colin Powell held up a picture of a small bottle, which he said at the time, was evidence of the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He later admitted that he had been exposed to a fallacy, and America was unable to find the weapons with which it justified occupying a country, destroying it, and committing war crimes against humanity. But at that time there was not an information and technological revolution; rather, it was limited to Western satellite channels. As for the case of the aggression against Gaza, the Israeli and Western narrative about what happened from the beginning quickly collapsed. The sight of the image of beheaded children that was promoted in the first days was quickly disavowed by everyone, including President Biden and his administration. On the other hand, the images of Palestinian children who were killed prevailed. They were murdered, and their images invaded all homes in the world, and the Israelis were unable to hide the extent of these atrocities, so truth triumphed over all attempts to obscure and manage the Western-directed media machine that works on behalf of Israel.

Technology was able to triumph for the Palestinian right and change the opinions of peoples who discovered the extent of the injustice imposed on this people not since October 7th. Rather, it has been a full 75 years, and here it is necessary to confirm the emergence of strong voices in various parts of the world, demanding a re-reading of the Palestinian cause from its beginning in order to produce a new, fair and just reading, and to confirm the right of the Palestinian to a safe, stable and prosperous life like the rest of the peoples of the world.

What is important about what is happening now is this great ability of technology to influence public opinion. The international popular reactions are nothing but a case of a massive human uprising against all the red lines and fences within which the image of the traditional media wanted to imprison it. We can say that the Palestinian people yearning for freedom are in fact the ones who liberated the peoples of the world from media deception, from the traps of intelligence rooms, and from the slackness of international political discourse. The United Nations, and regional and international organizations, have failed to be effective in the Palestinian issue.

Truth has emerged and falsehood has vanished, this is what our Arab-Islamic culture tells us, and this is how truth appears bright despite the darkness of the bloody scene in Gaza and the West Bank. It is enough for us to see the voices of politicians, scholars, and senior leaders from all over the world uniting around the right of the Palestinian people to a fully sovereign state on their land, and standing against the propaganda of the owners of the Temple.

In agreement with the "AlKhaleej "


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Technology and Palestinian rights


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