Thu 23 Nov 2023 7:52 pm - Jerusalem Time

“Human Rights Watch”: Settlers’ violence ignites the West Bank in parallel with Gaza

Human Rights Watch confirmed the escalation of violations by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, in parallel with the brutal aggression and devastating war being waged by the occupation against the Gaza Strip.

The organization explained that Israeli violence and oppression against Palestinians in West Bank cities had already reached its peak before the “Al-Aqsa Flood” battle on October 7, but it has become much worse since then.

It quoted United Nations data that more than 201 Palestinians, including 52 children, were killed in the West Bank as a result of Israeli attacks and settler violence since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, while UN figures indicated that more than 192 Palestinians, including 40 children, died during the first ten months of the current year, which is This number is considered the highest since 2005.

The organization pointed out that Israel killed more people in just six weeks than in the past ten months or in any other year since 2005.

Settlers killed 15 Palestinians as of November 17, according to the organization, which indicated that during the first eight months of 2023, settler violence rose to its highest levels since the United Nations began recording this data in 2006. Reaching an average of three incidents per day, an increase from two incidents in 2022 and one in 2021, which has multiplied many-fold since last October 7.

The organization stated that Israel was holding 1,264 Palestinians in administrative detention without trial or charge, the highest number in more than 30 years. However, the number jumped to 2,070 by November 1, due to the continued aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Human Rights Watch stressed that these violations are part of the Israeli occupation’s crimes against humanity represented by apartheid and persecution, noting that the roots of Israeli violence are multiple and deep. Ending it requires dismantling the systems of oppression that fuel it, especially in the West Bank.

On a related level, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club has documented the arrest of more than 3,130 Palestinians throughout the occupied West Bank since the start of the aggression on the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October.

The Palestinian Club explained that the ongoing arrest campaigns against Palestinians are part of the aggression and systematic collective revenge operations against the Palestinian people.


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“Human Rights Watch”: Settlers’ violence ignites the West Bank in parallel with Gaza