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The occupation abuses prisoners...mass transfers and attacks against Palestinian detainees in prisons

The Israeli Prison Administration continued to escalate mass transfer operations against Palestinian prisoners, including “leaders from the prisoner movement,” according to what two Palestinian institutions concerned with prisoners’ affairs reported, Sunday, November 12, 2023.

The Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs Authority (affiliated with the Palestinian Authority) and the Prisoners' Club (independent, based in Ramallah) said, "The occupation prison administration continues to escalate the mass transfer operations against prisoners in its prisons."

Torture and attacks against prisoners

A statement issued by the two institutions, reported by the official Palestinian news agency “Wafa,” indicated that “this was accompanied by acts of abuse against them, the most prominent of whom was the detainee Nael Barghouti, who is entering his 44th year in the occupation’s detention centers.”

The statement added, "The occupation recently transferred detainee Nael Barghouti (66 years old) from Ofer prison to Gilboa prison, where he was subjected to abuse, which included severe beatings. He is one of the old detainees, as the total years of his detention amounted to about 44 years, including 34 years." He spent it continuously.”

The statement pointed out that the occupation prison administration, after the seventh of last October, “escalated the mass transfer operations against detainees, whether to departments within the prison, solitary confinement cells, or to other prisons, which affected hundreds, including sick detainees, and was carried out during operations.” Transportation is a massive attack against them.”

The rate of arrests has increased since the Al-Aqsa flood

According to data from the Prisoner Club, on Sunday, the total number of arrests since October 7 has risen to about 2,470 Palestinians, and this total includes those who were arrested from homes, through military checkpoints, those who were forced to surrender themselves under pressure, and those who were held hostage.

Various parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem witness daily raids and incursions into villages and towns by Israeli army forces, accompanied by confrontations, arrests, and the shooting and firing of gas bombs at Palestinians.

The pace of these campaigns increased in conjunction with a devastating war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip since October 7, which left tens of thousands of civilians martyred and wounded, most of them children and women.


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The occupation abuses prisoners...mass transfers and attacks against Palestinian detainees in prisons