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Israeli Maariv: Warning in Israel of “frightening cracks with Egypt”

The Israeli newspaper "Maariv", through a lengthy report entitled "Scary cracks in relations", warned the Israeli government of the deterioration of relations with Egypt due to the continuing fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Michael Harari, an Israeli political analyst in the Hebrew newspaper, said that Tel Aviv must pay attention to its relations with Egypt after the war, and Israel must think very seriously about the consequences of the war on its relations with Egypt.

The Israeli analyst pointed out that October 7 surprised a long series of countries, one of which is Egypt, which considers that the developments of the conflict in the Gaza Strip have direct consequences for it, stressing that unlike previous rounds of conflict in the Gaza Strip, when Egypt was able to put an end to the round of violence. Continuing, things look different this time.

The Hebrew report explained that there are three main factors behind the deep anxiety in Egypt: The first relates to the strength of the Israeli response, which resulted in the largest number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and a large amount of destruction, perhaps unprecedented, and this relates primarily to the Egyptian street. And fear of internal pressures that have already begun to boil, at a time when presidential elections are expected to be held in Egypt next month.

He continued: “The second relates to the fear, which we are not able to express publicly, of course, that Hamas will emerge from the war with great achievements, in a way that strengthens political Islam in the region in general, and in Egypt in particular (even though the Egyptian regime has weakened the Muslim Brotherhood significantly.” Large in recent years), and although there is a certain contradiction between the first and second factors, this tension only leads to the intensification of the strait in which Cairo is located.

He continued: “Thirdly, there is a new development. Reports related to Israel’s interest in immigration from the Gaza Strip to Sinai, including what resembles a (comprehensive deal) according to which Egypt’s burdensome financial obligations are erased in exchange for Egypt’s agreement to receive refugees, but in Cairo, this is being interpreted.” Although it is a solution to the Palestinian problem in Gaza at the expense of Egypt, the Israeli statements, including the Ministry of Intelligence report which stated that the migration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to Egypt serves Israel’s long-term interest, has put Cairo in real turmoil, and President Sisi has stated firmly that Egypt will not allow this, and that if the Egyptian people call for protecting the national interest, “millions will do so.”


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Israeli Maariv: Warning in Israel of “frightening cracks with Egypt”