Sun 12 Nov 2023 9:08 am - Jerusalem Time

Israeli analyst: Netanyahu is promoting a “non-existent” victory in Gaza

An Israeli political analyst doubted the possibility of achieving victory in the Gaza Strip, and stressed that the Hamas movement had prepared well for the battle, noting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s talk about a long-term war “is a marketing alternative to a victory that does not exist.”

Nahum Barnea said in an article in the weekly supplement of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, on Saturday, referring to the Israeli ground operation in Gaza: “The progress allows for more intensive treatment of the tunnels and the Hamas members who guard them, but it also includes difficult battles with the militants.”

He added: “Hamas has prepared for this battle. It is true that it lost many of its warriors and leaders, but it continued to fight. The backbone of the Supreme Command, headed by (Yahya) Sinwar, is still working.”

Barnea continued: “The next few days may be the final and decisive stage in both efforts, the battle against Hamas and the American-Qatari attempt to reach a deal to release the hostages. After this period, it is doubtful that Israel will be able to withstand American pressure for a ceasefire, especially if a hostage deal is on the table.”

He went on to ask: “Will Israel be able to resume ground maneuvers after the ceasefire?”

He added, “Previous experience, whether in Gaza or Lebanon, does not give much opportunity for this. The day after the ceasefire agreement, children return to school, residents return to work, settlement reconstruction begins, the world expects a different agenda, and reservists want to return to their homes, to their families, to their work.”

Barnea stressed that “it is important to maintain realistic expectations: it is not certain that the Israeli army will be able to reach Sinwar and his colleagues in the current round. Even if they are eliminated, Hamas will not disappear; It is important to remember that we are not alone. In this drama, we need the American administration and we must listen to it.”

He pointed out that “the votes that (US President Joe) Biden is losing in his country exacerbate his need for an imminent ceasefire in Gaza.”

The Israeli writer touched on the ground operation in the Gaza Strip and the talk about the expected victory by saying, “Unfortunately, there is no such victory on the horizon,” considering that Netanyahu’s talk about a long-term war (..) is a marketing substitute for a victory that does not exist.”

He considered that in light of this situation, “it is correct to view every person who is released alive from there (Gaza) as a victory, and every day that the forces advance in the field without incurring many losses is a victory.”

Source: Sama News


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Israeli analyst: Netanyahu is promoting a “non-existent” victory in Gaza


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