Wed 04 Oct 2023 11:51 am - Jerusalem Time

PA Ministry of Jerusalem: Israeli Settlers' attacks in Jerusalem a declaration of religious war

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs said that the attacks by Israeli extremists on Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem are tantamount to a declaration of religious war.

Jerusalem Affairs added in a press statement on Wednesday, “The extremist settlers are desecrating the occupied city of Jerusalem and its sanctities and blatantly attacking Muslim and Christian worshipers and with the protection of the occupation police.”

She continued: "In no way can we accept the justifications for celebrating Jewish holidays to religiously persecute Muslims and Christians, whether through the hateful raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque or attacks on churches and Christians."

She pointed out that the attacks on Muslims and Christians and their sanctities in Jerusalem have not stopped since the Israeli occupation in 1967, but their pace has increased significantly in recent years, specifically since the formation of the current Israeli government.

She said: “Right-wing Israeli extremist groups, supported by the occupation government, use Jewish holidays as a cover to desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque through raids and the performance of Talmudic rituals, in an attempt to create a new reality in the mosque that undermines the existing historical and legal status of the mosque from its foundations.”

She added: "What is happening in Al-Aqsa Mosque is the implementation of what is called temporal and spatial division, where worshipers are prevented and are attacked by beatings and arrests, at a time when extremists' storming of the mosque and performing their Talmudic rituals in and around it is facilitated."

She continued: "We renew the call for immediate international intervention to stop the incursions, provocations and attacks into Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings and to respect the historical and legal status existing in the mosque as it was on the eve of the occupation in 1967 and not as the right-wing Israeli government wants."

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs also condemned the increasing frequency of attacks by Israeli extremists on church property and on Christians, local and foreign, in the city of Jerusalem.

She said: "These attacks would not have increased without the right-wing incitement and the silence of the occupation police and their turning a blind eye to them."

She stressed that "the Israeli extremist right-wing groups and movements are pushing, with their words and actions, a religious war that we do not want, and the Israeli government will bear responsibility for its repercussions."


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PA Ministry of Jerusalem: Israeli Settlers' attacks in Jerusalem a declaration of religious war