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Al-Nakhala: What is happening in the West Bank conforms to the directives of "His Eminence, the Leader" and we are arming parties in "Fatah"

Ziyad al-Nakhala, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad, said that what is happening today in terms of the resistance and its development in the West Bank corresponds to the directives of what he described as "His Eminence, the leader," referring to the so-called leader of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Ali Khamenei.

Al-Nakhala added in an interview with the Iranian Al-Wefaq newspaper: “When His Eminence called on the leader to arm the West Bank, he placed his hand on a very sensitive area with regard to the conflict with the enemy, and based on this directive, which had a great impact on the morale level and the interest of the concerned brothers, and with cooperation Everyone has developed programs for that,” noting that weapons were smuggled into the West Bank and others were purchased from the Israelis themselves to arm the resistance groups there.

And he continued, "There was a great focus in order for the West Bank to move from a state of coexistence and calm, to a state of resistance that we see today, and of course all of this coincides with the directives of His Eminence the leader, and during our last meeting with him in Tehran, he renewed the call for that and for the development of work in the West Bank."

He pointed out that his movement worked to form different resistance brigades in the West Bank areas and arming them, noting that it supported groups from the "Fatah" movement.

He said, "We benefited from opening up to the bases of the Fatah movement, and there are segments that oppose the settlement and the authority, and have influence in the West Bank. We decided to open up to these segments, support them, and arm them. Their presence helped extend the state of resistance, and these segments oppose in one way or another the Palestinian Authority, and they have become siding with the resistance, and we We strive to help everyone as much as possible."

Al-Nakhala praised the Iranian support for the resistance, realizing at the same time the importance of not exaggerating in what it provides financially, saying: "There are those who think that Iran provides hundreds of millions of dollars a month, but I say with the least capabilities, a state of resistance has been created in Palestine, and therefore we must not exaggerate with the aid." economic introduction.

Regarding the joint operations room of the resistance in Gaza, al-Nakhala stressed the need not to exaggerate in describing it, pointing out that its aim is coordination according to need and not as it is described as a command, control and control center.

He considered that the firing of rockets from southern Lebanon about two months ago carried a moral message to support the resistance in Palestine.


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Al-Nakhala: What is happening in the West Bank conforms to the directives of "His Eminence, the Leader" and we are arming parties in "Fatah"