Sat 03 Jun 2023 10:12 am - Jerusalem Time

Our blacksmith does not make swords

Every time the memory of the setback comes, two sayings jump to my mind, the first of the master of the resistance, Hassan Nasrallah, that Israel at that time occupied everything it occupied from the rest of Palestine to Egypt to Syria to Jordan to Lebanon in six hours, not in six days, and the second saying of the poet Nizar Qabbani's "There is no blacksmith in our country who makes swords" from a long famous poem entitled "Houages on the Notebook of the Setback".

The first, within twenty years of founding his party, he was able to liberate southern Lebanon after the Israeli forces invaded it, along with its historical capital, the most beautiful of all Arab capitals, Beirut, the massacres it committed in the Palestinian camps, and the artificial army it created in the south, Antoine Lahd and Saad Haddad and the Cedars" by splitting the one people and dividing it into sects, sects and battalions, all of this almost ended with the withdrawal of the last Israeli soldier or a single agent in May 2000 under the blows of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance led by this party and this rebel sheikh without signing any agreement with this state that he said about At that time it is weaker than the spider's house.

The second is the poet Nizar Qabbani, who presented an intellectual analysis and a deep diagnosis of the defeat / setback, in the epic poem "Margins on the setback notebook", which has now passed fifty-six years, without the Arab regime going to read these margins, not even to open the notebook. So we saw them, instead of fighting Israel, going towards reconciliation with it, opening embassies, exchanging ambassadors and red carpets, and raising its flag flying in the air of our sky; Camp David, Oslo, Wadi Araba, the Abraham Accords, not to mention what is under the table in many of the remaining Arab capitals.

In the epic poem, Nizar mourns for us (the ancient language, the ancient books, and the end of the thought that led to defeat. Because we enter the war with all the talents of oratory that the oriental possesses, with the antagonisms that did not kill a fly, and with the logic of the drum and the rebab...). Then he reviewed our modern, distant and ancient history (five thousand years...and we are in the basement, our chins are long, our leads are unknown, our eyes are harbors for flies). Cultivate letters, pomegranates and grapes)... and stop at our gushing oil in the deserts (to turn into a dagger... from flames and fire... but... the nobles are ashamed of the Quraysh, shed under the feet of maidservants.. We make our dwarves heroes and our nobles scoundrels ... We improvise the championship... We sit in the mosques... We turn around... We are lazy, and we sharpen the victory over our enemy... From Him, the Almighty... Do not curse the sky if it abandons you... Do not curse the circumstances. God gives victory to whomever He wills, and there is no blacksmith with us... who makes swords).


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Our blacksmith does not make swords