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The number of martyrs since the beginning of the new year portends the dangerous policy of escalating field executions

Bethlehem - "Jerusalem" dot com - Najeeb Farraj - announcing the death of the two martyrs, Habib Muhammad Kamil (25 years old) and Abd al-Hadi Fakhri Nazzal (18 years old), on Thursday evening, by the bullets of the Israeli occupation forces, during the process of storming the town of Qabatiya in Jenin district. Martyrs since the beginning of the new year to nine, including 5 in the last 24 hours.

The next is more dangerous

In this regard, lawyer Farid al-Atrash, director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in the southern West Bank, said that the large number of martyrs within several days of the new year indicates that the coming is more dangerous in terms of the Israeli occupation’s crimes against our Palestinian people under the new fascist right-wing government, although Our people have never differentiated between one government and another.

He pointed out that the outgoing government of Yair Lapid used Palestinian blood as an electoral card, and achieved what it wanted after his party achieved great results in the recent elections.

firing orders

Al-Atrash said in an interview with that the daily raids that take place during both day and night hours are a clear escalation process to target the largest number of citizens, whether through arrests or daily executions , pointing to the existence of a clear Israeli decision. Continuing the field execution policy against citizens, the latest of which was the execution of the martyr Samir Aslan in Qalandia camp, during his attempt to prevent the arrest of his son Ramzi.

He pointed out that human rights field research in many cases showed that the occupation soldiers and settlers deliberately executed citizens, although they could have arrested many of them or shot them in the lower area without executing them directly.

The hand is on the trigger

He said very briefly, "The Zionist hand is on the trigger, a policy that has deepened recently and at the time of Lapid's government, which is falsely called the government of change, when Lapid and other ministers encouraged settlers to acquire weapons under the pretext of self-defense, and we saw Ben Gvir and before he became A minister who drew his gun more than once against Palestinian citizens.

He stressed that what is coming is much more dangerous, and that the new year will be bloody, and perhaps more than the one that preceded it, in light of the policy of extremism and hatred against our Palestinian people, who face the policy of killing alone amid silence from the world.


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The number of martyrs since the beginning of the new year portends the dangerous policy of escalating field executions