Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:57 pm - Jerusalem Time

Democracy: Our delegation to Algeria carries an initiative to end division

Gaza - "Alquds" dot com - The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said, on Sunday, that its delegation to the Palestinian National Dialogue, which will be held in Algeria, carries ideas contained in its initiative to end the division, restore internal unity, and rebuild the Palestinian political system on democratic foundations that are inspired by the standards and values of the movements. national liberation in the world.

In a statement, the Front indicated that its delegation arrived in Algeria at the invitation of the Algerian Republic, and includes Ramzi, a member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, and a member of the Political Bureau, as head of the delegation, with the participation of two members of the Political Bureau, Saleh Nasser, and Khaledat Hussein and Muhammad Hamami, a member of the Central Committee of the Front and the director of its office. And its representative in the Algerian capital.

The Front said: Its initiative calls for ending the division in two stages: the first is a transitional one based on the commitment of everyone to stop the media bickering and arrest over a political background, which leads to creating an atmosphere and showing good intentions, followed by the second stage and based on balanced and parallel steps, in forming a national unity government that reunites Palestinian Authority institutions and work at the same time to reconfigure the Central Council, which has the powers of the National Council, so that it includes everyone, from which an inclusive executive committee is formed, which, with the government, supervises the rebuilding of the institutions of the Authority and the Liberation Organization, including the formation of a new National Council that elects a new Executive Committee And launching a unified struggle and struggle strategy that strengthens the struggles of our people in their comprehensive popular resistance, as well as strengthening the representative and legal struggle position of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole and legitimate representative of our people. According to its statement.

The "democracy" saluted the Algerian efforts, which converge with the Egyptian efforts, in order to support the national efforts to end the division and restore internal unity. as she said.


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Democracy: Our delegation to Algeria carries an initiative to end division