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This is how Raeda fought cancer and won

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - Rawan Al-Asaad - Pioneer's story began in 2016, without warning, when a heavy, unwelcome visitor, breast cancer, invaded her life and turned her life upside down. However, her strong faith and arming her with will, determination, hope, and support Her family made her forcefully challenge him to expel him from her body and defeat him.

Her journey was multiple chapters of pain and hope, of sadness and joy, of fear and courage, to finally triumph and open a new page in her life that made her stronger than before, inspiring many women like her that victory is their ally in the end.

disease detection..

The stage between cancer until recovery is a journey that Raeda Hamad chose and did not choose.. but she chose to live positively to overcome and defeat the malignant disease, and she managed to do so.

She says about the stage of discovering the disease: Although I got married at a young age, I completed my university education majoring in business administration, and enrolled in courses to care for the elderly and provide nursing services for them, and I have worked in this field for years, in the year 2016 in particular I felt severe dizziness and fatigue, and I had many The examinations and my blood rate was low, and the doctors advised me to take vitamins, tonics, etc., and at that time they explained the reason for following a diet to maintain my weight, although this diet was healthy, and indeed I took the tonics and vitamins and my blood rate rose for a while, but it came back down and the symptoms of dizziness returned with it, until I asked The doctor asked me to do a breast cancer examination, and at that time I was surprised, especially since I do not suffer from a lump or a change in the appearance of the breast, but she told me that the examination should be done regularly, especially since I am in my late thirties.

And she continued: Indeed, I went to undergo the necessary examinations in government centers, and the result was like a thunderbolt that descended on me. I can't describe those feelings because they were mixed with each other, but they were strong. The doctor told me that the lump is two centimeters in size. I went to the Dunya Center and underwent tests again and a mammogram, and they told me to see a doctor according to my condition, and indeed I went to the first doctor and he was not in the clinic at the time, so I went to another doctor and he told me you have cancer, like this without any introductions and asked me if I was afraid, so I answered him: No, why am I afraid, and I thanked God for everything Something, he advised me to perform an operation and wrote a medical report for me, and I went to Ramallah Governmental Hospital. It is known that cases are transferred at that time to Al-Mutalaa Hospital, but I was not transferred based on the doctor’s report, and it was decided to perform an operation to remove the tumor in the same hospital.

treatment stages..

Raeda was silent for a while, perhaps she was remembering those unforgettable moments, to say: When I learned that I had cancer, at first I was so brave that I told my family, and everyone started crying and grief dominated them, and I was the one who consoled and patiently, and on that day I left them and went to attend one of the weddings, And while I was there, I started thinking about what would happen to me and what would happen, and thinking about my children and my husband. I came back from the wedding burdened with worries, as if I were another human being, and as soon as I arrived, I began to cry for my relief, and my children began to comfort me, support me, and relieve me.

During the period of sickness, the days pass heavily, as if it were a stick that hits the patient’s body with force before leaving, and whoever eats the sticks is not like the one who prepares them, as they say. She was afraid, as she said: Despite my courage and faith, fear was creeping into me from the cracks of hope, so I spoke with my friend Ghada Khoury and she was also my manager at work, so she encouraged me and encouraged me, and I went for the operation, and the first time only the tumor was removed, and before I left he told me Doctors have to come back after a week because of the cancer cells reaching the lymph nodes.

And she continued her speech: Indeed, after a week, I returned to the hospital to perform the second operation, in which the breast was completely drained, and there are no plastic surgery or breast reconstruction operations in the hospital, and here the disease was probably the most difficult after I woke up from the operation and saw what happened to me, and the psychological impact was the most difficult and severe. Lethality, pain, and pain more than anything else, and this pain is still a lump inside me until now that will not go away, and here I cry out to the government to provide such operations in its government hospitals because of the great psychological impact they have on women.

The most deadly psychological trauma..

Raeda, who did not feel pain, not even pain, and her life was going on normally even when she knew what had happened to her and she was going to work. No one can understand or know what is going on inside her of mixed and distracted feelings, when she undergoes such a procedure, even if the reason is to save her life.

Hamad narrates her psychological trauma during the treatment phase and the treatments she went through over the course of five years: I am still up to now, and after five years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and all that has happened to me in terms of hair loss, pain in the sessions and beyond, and my hair loss, I am still taking the medicine, which is About tablets, which are like diluted chemotherapy in the form of pills, and according to the medical protocol, I will try it for five years as well, and what really hurts is not the disease itself, but rather its complications that destroy and devour the body and the psychological scars and deep wounds it leaves. I am still not completely satisfied with my appearance after the amputation. The breasts are like a heartbreak and a lump.

And she went on: The most important thing the patient needs is psychological support from her family and surroundings and the inner belief in healing and overcoming this monster in its battle and victory over it. As a healer and survivor, she triumphed over this enemy, fought it, and overcame it.

The center of the world and its impact..

A person cannot forget the one who stands with him in his distress and distress, the one who relieves him in times of distress, and the one who takes his hand from the whirlpool of pain to bring him out into the light and holds his hand to guide him on the right path to become a part of it, “my family.” This is how Raeda described the Dunya Gynecological Cancer Center, where she said: The Dunya Center is the first, the best, and the best. Dr. Nofouth Al-Muslimani is the best of all, and I am not flattering when I say that because it is the reality that imposes itself, because of the love, sincerity and dedication I found inside this center. female patients. All psychologists, without exception, are an example of splendor for the support they provided that made us strong. I will never forget all that they gave me and their standing by my side in all stages until today.

And she added: The warm atmosphere provided by the center away from the material is enough to make the patient feel happy and hopeful to overcome all stages of treatment with strength and to draw a smile on his face when he feels that he is important, and there are those who care about his health, even if he does not have the money to conduct an examination and take care of him, in addition to support programs. And the rehabilitation they do for the patients, which instills in our souls the strength and courage to fight this enemy that has occupied our bodies.

Honey production project.

Hamad speaks with a voice mixed with optimism and joy about her new project, saying: After recovering from the disease and during the treatment phase, I was still practicing my work, but unfortunately, because these associations are supported from abroad, and with the cessation of support, I stopped working. Here I had to take a new step and start working on a new project, and since the profession of beekeeping and honey harvesting is a profession inherited in the family, I decided to help with it, especially in the marketing field and in packaging and packaging, and indeed my family and my husband’s family raise bees, and I started learning since 2019 how Dealing with bees, raising them, harvesting honey, marketing and promoting it.

And he continued: Although I learned a lot from my husband and my mother, I still need a lot to learn, but the honey project that we called “Hamad Al-Bari Apiaries” remains a family project that returns to the whole family, and it needs a lot and we will work to develop and expand it.

future projects..

Hamad, who finished 16 sessions of chemotherapy, during which she lost her hair and her body was exhausted, to the point that she was sometimes unable to stand on her feet, and she suffered greatly to see her husband and children squeezing pain on her to the extent that her husband asked her not to complete the sessions. With her patience, she was able to overcome all these difficulties and dream In the bright future, it even seeks to develop itself and work in various fields to be a pioneer in a field that you love. She started taking new steps on the path to success to start her new project, which she talked about: We always have to search for everything that is new and that we can learn, and take the first step and initiate and strive, and this is the case. Through a project for women to be entrepreneurs, and I chose this profession specifically on the grounds that I am a housewife and I love to cook and prepare food and master it, and this is the first step that follows the opening of my project for preparing foods and sweets to be a project of my own alone, through which I aspire to help the Dunya Center and support it with everything I can repay them part of what they gave me in terms of help and support.

message for women..

Raeda, a breast cancer survivor, has become stronger and has a message that she is trying to deliver to help patients and all women: Do not wait until you feel the symptoms to get tested. Do not make a disease defeat you, and challenge it to reach safety.


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This is how Raeda fought cancer and won