Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:08 pm - Jerusalem Time

Fares: The prisoner execution bill represents the peak of the occupation's extremism

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - The head of the Prisoners' Club, Qaddoura Fares , said, "The approval of the legislative ministerial committee of the occupation government on a draft law that requires the execution of prisoners who carry out resistance operations against the occupation, represents the height of extremism and fascism that the occupation has reached."

Fares added in a statement: "In practice, the occupation is working today to transform everything it implements on the ground into racist laws that legitimize and perpetuate crime in a more systematic manner, which comes in the context of profound transformations that we have not witnessed before, under a government that is the most extreme on earth." launch".

He continued, "The occupation never stopped practicing this crime, as the field executions, which have doubled since the beginning of last year, in an organized manner, reflected the level of executions that we witnessed in the first and second years of the Intifada."

Fares added, "The Palestinians will continue their struggle, despite the criminal machinery they face, and perhaps the reality is the answer to that. For decades, the occupation has legislated dozens of racist laws and issued hundreds of military orders, which did not discourage the Palestinians from continuing their struggle against the occupation."

He stressed that all the current facts should prompt us, as Palestinians, to re-evaluate our performance in the face of this level of criminality, given the continued absence of a clear national and political plan to confront it.

Fares said, "The dangers of these draft laws affect not only the Palestinians, but all of humanity, and the world that stood with its international legal and human rights system against the death penalty must stop broadcasting more positions that no longer have any value for the Palestinians, without There should be a real deterrent to the occupation.

A few days ago, the (Israeli Knesset) also approved a preliminary reading of a draft law that deprives prisoners of medical treatment and surgical operations.

This draft law comes in light of a major attack launched by the prison administration against the prisoners, and with the recommendations of the extremist (Ben Ghafir).


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Fares: The prisoner execution bill represents the peak of the occupation's extremism