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Annexation and extermination are two sides of the same war

The audio recording of the Minister of Finance and Minister in the Ministry of the Army, Smotrich, which was revealed by the New York Times, was an announcement of his plan to control the West Bank and extend legal sovereignty over it. This came during Smotrich’s meeting with a group of settlers, where he said, “The Netanyahu government is engaged in a secret plan to change the way it governs the West Bank, to strengthen Israeli control over it irreversibly, and without accusing it of officially annexing it,” adding, according to the “New York Times.” “The primary goal of this plan is to prevent the West Bank from becoming part of the Palestinian state.”

The leak is an official announcement of the annexation 

First, it must be pointed out that this leak did not bring anything new except the desire of Smotrich and his successor, Netanyahu, to challenge some international positions, and the shifts in public opinion regarding the roots of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which shows that Smotrich himself has the primary interest in this leak, if not He personally did it. We must remember that the basic coalition program of the “Netanyahu-Smotrich-Ben Gvir” government, which Netanyahu announced to gain the Knesset’s confidence in his government, clearly included the broad outlines of what became known as the “resolution plan,” meaning the annexation of the West Bank and the liquidation of the Palestinian issue and rights. It can be called circumventing the legal status of the government authority in the West Bank, which was included in the leak. It was officially approved by appointing Smotrich as a minister in the Ministry of the Army, and delegating him to responsibility for the so-called “civil administration.”

It seems that Smotrich, whose price with Netanyahu rose after Gantz and his party left the emergency government, and he and Ben Gvir tightened their grip on Netanyahu’s neck and fate, intended this leak, especially after he went some way to transferring the structure and powers of the “Civil Administration” from the authority of the army to his direct authority. And expanding its administrative structure, and that he does not want this mission to remain in the shadows, for various reasons, including electoral ones, without that meaning that it was carried out behind Netanyahu’s back, if not in direct coordination with him, as he is the godfather of the settlement project of the annexation and settlement plan, and preventing the Palestinian people. From self-determination and establishing its independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The war of annexation was a strategy that preceded the war of annihilation 

In this context, it is quite clear that Israel, since before the 7th of October, has been proceeding with this plan, and that the genocide committed by the occupation army was not just a war of revenge for its miserable failure on the 7th of October, as much as it is part of A pre-prepared plan to undermine and destroy the Palestinian ability to confront plans to liquidate Palestinian rights, and to resolve the conflict in favor of the extremist Zionist doctrine represented by this government. Perhaps this leak, which comes at the worst moment that the occupation government is going through, aims to emphasize its determination to proceed with this plan as compensation for the failure it faces in its war on the Gaza Strip.

Annexation and the war for territorial control 

The blatant announcement of this plan puts all the Palestinian, Arab and international parties that have so far adopted what is known as the “two-state solution” before a moment of truth that no longer accepts further deception, evasion, and the selling of illusion.
The United States, which appeared as a partner in the war of extermination against our people in the Gaza Strip in the context of the broader Israeli plan, including the daily killings and desecration of various parts of the West Bank, without doing anything, cannot today continue to mislead the world by declaring its adherence to the two-state option, while The “resolution plan” is moving forward in the West Bank, and it is a partner in the war of genocide against Gaza. It only cares about covering up Israel’s responsibility for it, and trying to hold the Palestinian resistance responsible for its continuation. This is the essence of Biden's plan and Blinken's diplomacy, to throw the ball in Hamas' court despite its welcome of the Security Council resolution, while Israel has not yet announced its official approval of it, except through Blinken and Sullivan.

The absence of unity is Netanyahu’s lever for annexation and annihilation 

At a time when the influential leadership of the Authority and the PLO continue to bet on the mirage of American promises, without pausing for a moment to review the path on which it has led the Palestinian people and their cause due to the fateful dangers it faces, including its absolute inability to confront Israel’s attempts to engineer the Palestinian political system according to its plans, Some did not accept this, including maintaining the state of division, which is considered the main lever for the continuation of the war of annihilation, and moving forward with the annexation and liquidation plans led by Netanyahu. Otherwise, how can one explain turning their backs on the will of the popular and factional consensus to unify the ranks under the banner of the Liberation Organization and agree within its framework to A national consensus government, including the priorities and terms of reference of this transitional government until the elections are held, as binding steps to blow the whistle on the train to restore the unity of the entity and the political system, as a necessary condition without which the issue of the Palestinian state turns into just an imaginary slogan.

It is self-evident that a serious Palestinian position to build unity constitutes a gateway to political confrontation, not only to thwart the annexation plans, but in order to place the international community before its immediate responsibilities to stop the war and take practical positions against the annexation plans. The hesitation to take such a position, to formulate a unified action plan based on consensus within the framework of inclusive national institutions, and to continue betting on promises, and even on European or other recognition of the Palestinian state, will only be an absolution of the political carnage that the Palestinian cause is going through, along with The massacre of our time being committed against our people in the Gaza Strip. We must all realize that the failure of the annexation plans in the West Bank begins with defeating the goals of Netanyahu’s war on the Strip to plunge our people into destruction and displacement, with the aim of monopolizing the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, to complete the implementation of his Judaizing settlement project on the ruins of our people’s cause, their national rights, and their enormous sacrifices.

The blatant announcement of this plan puts all the Palestinian, Arab and international parties that have so far adopted what is known as the “two-state solution” before a moment of truth that no longer accepts further deception, evasion and the selling of illusion.


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Annexation and extermination are two sides of the same war


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