Tue 25 Jun 2024 9:49 am - Jerusalem Time

Smotrich accelerates measures to undermine the national authority

The expanded political and security cabinet will convene this evening, Tuesday, after being postponed twice this week and last week, in an attempt to approve the proposals of extremist Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who seeks to undermine and dismantle the National Authority, which exposes the region to great danger.

Smotrich's attempts to destroy the National Authority economically, by withholding clearing funds from it, stopping visas for senior leaders of the Authority, and other punitive measures, mean that Smotrich wants to deepen the critical economic situation experienced by the National Authority in particular, and the citizens of the West Bank in general, who are suffering from The lack of job opportunities due to preventing them from joining work inside Palestine and Jerusalem, and thus issuing a death sentence against the National Authority..

Israeli analysts say that Smotrich has come to realize that his dream of dismantling the National Authority is imminent, and he himself announced steps and economic measures that, if approved by the Cabinet, will add to the current state of chaos, additional and comprehensive chaos, especially in the West Bank, especially since Smotrich strongly put forward the necessity of legitimizing settlement outposts. New, in a climate that witnessed extremist statements calling for strengthening settlement construction in the West Bank and thus isolating it from its geographical surroundings that are interconnected with the Gaza Strip, as stated by extremist Knesset member Limor Son Har Melech, who established the parliamentary lobby in order to renew settlement in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Also under the slogan (Without settlement there is no security).

The extremist movement believes that it is able to impose its recommendations and implement its agenda in the near future, and therefore Netanyahu’s acquiescence or agreement to accelerate the measures to isolate the National Authority and expand the settlement area in the West Bank is more dangerous and greater than any description, and the Authority must firmly confront such measures and send urgent messages. To the international community and its UN bodies to stop the Israeli plans that will bring nothing but ruin and destruction to the region.


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Smotrich accelerates measures to undermine the national authority


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