Mon 24 Jun 2024 9:16 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu claims Israel's commitment to Biden's proposal for a truce in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Tel Aviv was committed to US President Joe Biden's proposal regarding reaching a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

This came during his speech on Monday before the General Assembly of the Knesset, according to the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, thus retracting previous statements in which he talked about a “partial deal” to recover the prisoners and resume the war.

Netanyahu said: “I promise three things. The first is that we will not end the war on Gaza until we return all the kidnapped people, living and dead, and we are committed to the Israeli proposal that Biden welcomed.”

At the end of May, Biden claimed that Israel had submitted a proposal for a three-stage agreement that includes a “prisoner exchange” in the first two stages, “sustaining the ceasefire” in the second stage, and “reconstruction of Gaza” in the third stage, which was agreed upon by Hamas and adopted by the Security Council. Netanyahu rejected it.

Netanyahu added in his speech: “The second matter does not contradict the first: We will not end the war until we eliminate Hamas and return the residents of the north and south.”

He continued: "As for the third matter: At any cost and in any way, we will thwart Iran's goals to destroy us."

By claiming to adhere to Biden's proposal, Netanyahu retracted his statements to the private Channel 14, which is close to him, on Sunday evening, that he was ready for a partial deal to restore some of the prisoners detained in Gaza, stressing the necessity of resuming the war after the truce to complete its goals.

Qatar, Egypt and the United States are leading mediation to end the Israeli war on Gaza, and succeeded in approving a temporary truce that lasted for a week until the beginning of last December, which resulted in a prisoner exchange between Tel Aviv and Hamas, and the introduction of scarce amounts of aid into the Strip, which has been besieged for 18 years.

Similar efforts by the three countries have not yet resulted in reaching another truce, despite repeated meetings between Paris, Cairo, and Doha.

On May 6, the Palestinian factions agreed to a proposed agreement to stop the war and exchange prisoners put forward by Egypt and Qatar, but Israel rejected it, claiming that it “does not meet its conditions.”


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Netanyahu claims Israel's commitment to Biden's proposal for a truce in Gaza