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Netanyahu's options

The auditor notes that Zionism is a trend that is expanding within Israeli society, and that Zionism as a vision and political project is deteriorating in legitimacy, as it has been unable to provide answers to the major questions raised by the founding of the state. The question is, after the resignation of Gantz and Eisenkot, what papers do the Israeli Prime Minister have left to remain prime minister for a longer period and to kill two birds with one stone in order to preserve himself and prevent the collapse of the pillars of Zionism?

Of course, Netanyahu does not rely much on his group of the extreme Zionist right, and he knows very well that they lack rational opinion and the ABCs of correct politics. Moreover, both Smotrich and Ben Gvir caused great troubles for Netanyahu when they opened fire on US President Joe Biden, accusing him of negligence in Supporting Israel and supporting terrorism, and he also followed suit by not leaking the latest video that angered the White House. Despite all the accusations the White House heard from Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, it was as if those statements did not affect American support for Israel. As a result, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz asked: Where would Israel’s fate be without weapons, ammunition, the real Iron Dome, and diplomacy at the United Nations and before international courts? .

Regardless of what the occupation army achieved in liberating four prisoners about three weeks ago, and the morale boost it achieved for the Netanyahu government, this was not what was required, as long as there were prisoners in the hands of Hamas and the other factions. The longer the war lasted, the more Israel would lose, especially international political support. So there is a proposal from the leader of the Israeli opposition, Yair Lapid, for a safety net, and this proposal was made by the leader of the opposition in Israel, Yair Lapid, but Netanyahu, who does not trust anyone as usual, does not fulfill what Lapid came up with.

The whole world is fully aware that eliminating Hamas as a movement is difficult. The idea remains in people's minds. Perhaps Israel can destroy Hamas' military structure and occupy Gaza for an unknown time. This does not mean absolute victory for Israel. It may be achieved by containing Hamas diplomatically, as the United States of America did in containing the Afghan Taliban movement. This experience may be very successful and present in the American imagination.

We can only guess at the reasons why Yair Lapid expected the chaos going on in Israel. He expressed his belief that early elections would be held during the current year, 2024, and predicted the departure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. According to this statement, we expect that the current Netanyahu government will not last long, as if the whole world is seeking to develop and revise Zionism, and save it from the fangs of Netanyahu and his government. The "post-Zionist" group is under severe attack in Israel by the extreme Zionist right, both secular and religious, to the point that Limor Livnat, Minister of Education in Sharon's government, said that she would launch, from her position in the Ministry of Education, a "crusade" in order to rethink... “Post-Zionism” is restored to its rightful place and not eliminated as the extreme religious right seeks. So there is a war inside Israel. Despite the religious Zionism that came under the wing of the Zionist movement, Zionism itself constitutes a source of concern for those with biblical Talmudic thought. They want a purely biblical state free of secular Zionist thought, and this is what they seek.

In conclusion, it seems too early to talk about any future speculation about the end of Zionism as long as it is an international demand. Until now, it can be said that the Zionist movement, which was born about a century and a half ago, is rearing its head, and there are no serious obstacles threatening its existence, but there is a Western fear of that, which is why world leaders came running after October 7 to save it. Shortly after his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, US President Joe Biden said at the time: If there had been no Israel, we would have created it. For this reason and others, the entire world is vigorously maintaining this project, even if it costs them a lot of money, effort, and logistical and military support. Netanyahu's options are limited and there are no others. The option of dissolving the government and going to new elections in a gray circle, and forming a new government with the opposition after he also dissolved the current government has become difficult, but the Western world, led by America, loves Zionism more, so Netanyahu's pampering is about to run out.


Perhaps Israel can destroy Hamas' military structure and occupy Gaza for an unknown time, but this does not mean absolute victory for Israel. It may be achieved by containing Hamas diplomatically, as the United States did in containing the Afghan Taliban movement.


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Netanyahu's options


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