Sun 23 Jun 2024 10:03 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli media: Negotiations on the deal and ceasefire in Gaza are continuing through mediators

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that indirect negotiations on the prisoner and detainee exchange deal and the ceasefire in Gaza are continuing through mediators.

She added, "The Council of Ministers will decide this week whether to send a negotiating delegation to Doha to resume negotiations."

She pointed out that “the mediators are putting pressure on the parties to return to the negotiating table.”

She claimed that there is “a state of pessimism prevailing in Israeli circles about the possibility of reaching an agreement in light of the intransigence of the Hamas movement.”

Huge demonstrations called for by the families of detainees took place yesterday, Saturday, in Tel Aviv, and Hebrew media estimated the number of participants at about 150,000.

The families of the detainees issued a statement in which they said that as long as Netanyahu continues in office, an exchange deal will not be concluded and Israel’s crisis with Hezbollah in the north of the country will not be resolved.

The demonstration, which was called for by protest movements inside Israel at the end of a week called the Week of Rage, was attended by more than one faction, and the families of the detainees had a consistent role in it, alongside the Israeli opposition. The goal was to renew their demand to overthrow the government and hold early elections.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, one of the organizers of the demonstration in Kaplan promised that the number of demonstrators will increase next week, with the hope that one million Israelis will soon demonstrate in the streets.

Thousands of Israelis demonstrated near the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the city of Caesarea, where the demonstrators demanded the departure of Netanyahu and his government, the holding of new elections, and the conclusion of a deal to exchange prisoners and detainees.


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Israeli media: Negotiations on the deal and ceasefire in Gaza are continuing through mediators