Sun 23 Jun 2024 9:29 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu: The phase of severe attacks in the war on Gaza is about to end

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the phase of severe and intense attacks launched by the Israeli occupation army on the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged since 261, is about to end, indicating that this will happen in the near future with the end of the occupation’s attack on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, in an interview. It was conducted on the Israeli Channel 14.

Netanyahu added, “The strong phase of the war is about to end with the end of the operation in Rafah. Therefore, the forces will be transferred to the north.” Netanyahu stressed his refusal to end the war on the Gaza Strip before achieving its goals of “eliminating the Hamas movement and returning the hostages,” and said. “I refuse to let Hamas exist. The war will not end.”

Regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement on a prisoner exchange deal with the Hamas movement, Netanyahu said: “I am ready to reach a partial agreement with the Hamas movement to recover part of the hostages, and this is not a secret,” in a retreat from the proposal presented by the US President, Joe Biden, and Washington claimed. It is an Israeli proposal, and Hamas is held responsible for its failure.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that his government is working on another model, which he described as “gradual” to establish a “civil administration” in the Gaza Strip in the context of talking about “the day after the war” on Gaza, following the failure of a model that had been proposed by the Minister of Defense, Yoav Galant, based on On the same idea of cooperating with local authorities in Gaza to manage the Strip as a city.

Netanyahu said that he would not reveal the plan, which his government is working to implement in cooperation with external parties, and while he acknowledged the failure of the plan that the occupation government had begun implementing at the initiative of the Minister of Security, Gallant, he said, “We want to establish a civil administration in cooperation with local people; I will not go into details.”

Regarding settlement in the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu said: “I know that there are many who support the re-settlement in the Gaza Strip; but I am a realist, and I see that this is unrealistic.” In response, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, Netanyahu’s partner in The government, saying: “If we want, it will be realistic,” in a post on his social media accounts.

In his response to the investigation into the security failures that accompanied the Qassam attack on October 7, Netanyahu said that he does not support the formation of investigation committees during the war, in order to “prevent the waste of resources,” and pointed out that the internal investigations initiated by some Institutions, including in the military, aim to avoid international prosecution.


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Netanyahu: The phase of severe attacks in the war on Gaza is about to end