Sun 23 Jun 2024 11:28 am - Jerusalem Time

The Negev prison administration punishes every prisoner who goes out for a visit by beating and isolating

On Sunday, the Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs Authority revealed the retaliatory policy followed by the Negev Prison administration with prisoners who go out for visits, as everyone who goes out is punished by beatings and isolation.

The Commission confirmed in a statement that its lawyer was surprised, during his recent visit to the Negev prison, that most of the prisoners he intended to visit had refrained from going out to meet him, and after he was able to speak with one of the prisoners, it became clear to him that the jailers had threatened the prisoners who went out for visits, that they would be beaten and punished. They are placed in an iron cage (kaoba) from morning until evening, with their hands and feet tied and their heads on the ground if they go out for a visit.

The prisoner indicated that this may extend for a day or several days, depending on the prisoner’s mood. During this period, the prisoner is prevented from going to the bathroom, or eating or drinking, and if the prisoner complains about a specific matter or requests a simple order, he is severely beaten and tortured.

The lawyer stated that this is indeed what was confirmed by the prisoner whom we were able to meet despite his fear of what he would be exposed to after the visit, as he conveyed to us many testimonies of prisoners who were subjected to punishment after meeting with the lawyer, which prompted them to refrain from leaving, and to give up the only link between them and their families and the world. External.

The Commission’s lawyer pointed out that the conditions of the prisoners inside the prison have crossed all red lines, as they face the risk of death on a daily basis, as a result of the physical and psychological torture they have been subjected to since the seventh of last October, which is as follows:

1. Deliberately hitting prisoners between corridors and in places where there are no surveillance cameras, focusing on sensitive areas.

2. The prisoner was tied with handcuffs and made very tight while being transferred from one prison to another, leaving clear marks on his hands for several days, in addition to severe pain.

3. The prisoners have been wearing the same clothes for more than 8 months, and most of them are filled with blood as a result of their infection with scabies, and the severe itching and ulcers it causes.

4. Cutting off electricity to the prisoners, as it is restored only for 3 hours from seven until ten at night.

5. The food is very poor in quantity and quality, which has led to a significant decrease in the weight of the prisoners, and most of them are exposed to dizziness and fainting due to the lack of sugar in their bodies.

6. Prisoners were subjected to isolation, beatings, and punishment without justification.

7. The jailers humiliate the prisoners every day during the count. Previously, it was done 3 times a day while the prisoners were standing, but now the prisoners are forced to kneel and put their hands behind their heads.

8. Intentional medical neglect of prisoners. Treatment is stopped for the injured and sick, and medicine is prohibited.

9. Prisoners are not allowed to submit complaints, and papers and pens were taken out to confirm this.

10. Most prisoners have begun to refrain from going out to prison due to the humiliation they face. Lines are drawn on the ground that are prohibited from crossing, and sitting or standing in certain places is prohibited.

11. The prisoners suffer from the foul odor of the rooms and the spread of diseases. The temperatures are very high due to the Negev prison being located in a desert area. At the same time, all fans and cleaning materials were withdrawn from the rooms, and the prisoners were prevented from showering and changing their clothes, which made the situation disastrous.


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The Negev prison administration punishes every prisoner who goes out for a visit by beating and isolating