Sat 22 Jun 2024 9:43 am - Jerusalem Time

Israel and coming down from the tree!!

Israel is preparing for the journey to descend from the tree to which it climbed without achieving any of the objectives of the military or civil war, and thus it has failed miserably as it launches a destructive and aggressive war that was targeting only defenseless civilians amid a campaign of destruction of all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip.

Instead of declaring failure soon after the aggression against Rafah ends, the Israeli army is trying to emerge victorious by claiming that it has eliminated two of the four Hamas brigades and that what remains are moderately effective and active brigades, and that it will move to the third phase, which focuses on bombing specific targets from the air and from a distance. ..

The vague declaration of victory is an Israeli attempt to end the war in a way that will try to convince the Israeli street and public opinion that it has achieved a sweeping victory and that it has removed the danger of the possibility of another battle such as the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood. In fact, the Israeli step is considered the beginning of coming down from the tree and declaring defeat after reaching complete conviction of inability. To defeat Hamas and use the excuse of the need to launch a new battle in southern Lebanon.

Here we wonder: Did Israel succeed in completely eliminating Hamas and isolating it from the Gaza Strip?

The army spokesman answered this part specifically when he said: Hamas is an idea, a belief and an ideology, and it is difficult to defeat it because it is in the hearts of the people.

Another question that resonates, and Netanyahu has long been searching for an answer, but has not found it yet: Was he able to return all the detainees, and did he succeed in stopping the firing of rockets and missiles from the Gaza Strip at the surrounding settlements?

The main goals that Israel set since the beginning of the war - eliminating Hamas, recovering detainees, and stopping the firing of rockets from inside the Gaza Strip - were not achieved at all, and Israel continued to engage in a chaotic war without goals and without plans, and its main interest was taking revenge on the Palestinian people as a response to the Al-Aqsa flood battle.

It is clear that Israel has finally decided to come down from the tree, at the command of America, which ensures that it portrays the image of victory to the fullest extent. The truth is that Israel has failed at all levels, but it will not accept leaving Rafah unless it has achieved the goals of the aggression, and from here the echoes of the vague victory and the accounts of the army spokesman’s attempt resound. To convince the Israeli street that Israel has won, but this street’s awareness of Israel’s losses and the blows that the army received cannot comprehend the vague story of victory and will insist on dismissing the Netanyahu government and isolating it from the political scene sooner or later.


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Israel and coming down from the tree!!


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