Fri 21 Jun 2024 5:51 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu attacks Biden again: American military aid is coming to us with a dropper

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his attack on the administration of US President Joe Biden, and said that US military aid is arriving to Israel by train.

“I raised this issue with Secretary of State (Anthony) Blinken,” Netanyahu told Punchbowl News. “And I said that our Defense Department officials told us that hardly any are coming.”

Netanyahu added: "Well, everything is in progress. We are doing everything to disentangle. To remove obstacles... Well, this is what I expect will happen. Let's make sure it happens, because it is something that must happen."

Netanyahu said in the interview that they "began to see that we are facing some big problems that emerged several months ago," explaining that he tried to resolve the issue during "many calm conversations."

He also claimed that the ratio of Palestinian civilians to militants killed by the Israeli army is “almost one to one,” adding: “People said we cannot enter Rafah because there will be tens of thousands of civilian casualties. Do you know how many civilian casualties there have been? The president told me Al-Arkan, using the word “dozens.” We killed about 600 terrorists in Gaza. Is it a little more than that? This percentage is still the lowest in the recorded urban war.

The American envoy, Amos Hockstein, informed the Israeli Prime Minister during a meeting, last Tuesday, that his statements that the United States was “withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel” were “unproductive and, most importantly, completely untrue,” a senior American official told the network. CNN.


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Netanyahu attacks Biden again: American military aid is coming to us with a dropper