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Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners: 36 Gazan prisoners died as a result of torture in Israeli prisons

The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners in the Gaza Strip said on Thursday: The number of dead prisoners held in Israeli occupation prisons rose to 54 during the genocidal war. As a result of the terrifying and inhumane life and living conditions that the prisoners face.

The Ministry explained in a statement issued Thursday evening that 54 prisoners were released from all Palestinian governorates, noting that 36 Gazan prisoners died as a result of torture and systematic assault for more than eight months.

It pointed out that the number of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons has risen to 9,000 prisoners, including 300 women, 635 children and 80 journalists, since the genocidal war.

It stressed that the occupation continues to carry out its crimes against humanity against the prisoners in its prisons, the most prominent of which is the crime of enforced disappearance against them.

It added that prisons have become mass graves for thousands of prisoners, amid neglect from international institutions such as the Red Cross, which did not take action in this case, despite the extent of the crimes committed against them.

It indicated that the occupation prison administration is still detaining prisoners inside very narrow sections and the rooms have been converted into cells, and the beds inside the room are very few compared to the number of prisoners, whose number sometimes reaches 15 inside one room, and the majority of them are sleeping on the floor due to overcrowding.

Based on the testimonies of some detainees released from prisons and detention centers, there are many forms of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, according to the statement.

The Ministry listed some of these practices, such as forcibly and repeatedly stripping detainees, tying hands and feet, blindfolding them for long periods, electrocution, and systematic starvation.

In addition to the crime of stealth, drilling on the bodies of prisoners with a sharp object, depriving them of sleep, showers, and medical care, unleashing ferocious dogs on them, and exposing them to low temperatures.

One of the methods of torture is inviting officials and civilians to watch the torture carried out by interrogators against prisoners, as a form of insult and humiliation.

In light of these brutal crimes, the Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the grave violations committed by the occupation against prisoners in its prisons, calling on all human rights, international and international organizations to condemn them.

It held the occupation fully responsible for these ongoing crimes against the prisoners, calling on all international, human rights and international institutions to visit Israeli prisons and investigation centers to investigate and uncover the circumstances of the grave violations and brutal crimes to which the prisoners are exposed.

The Ministry stressed the need to pressure the occupation to stop these practices urgently and immediately and bring the leaders of the occupation to international courts on charges of committing crimes against humanity.


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Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners: 36 Gazan prisoners died as a result of torture in Israeli prisons