Thu 20 Jun 2024 4:14 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hebrew media: 10 missiles were launched from Lebanon at northern Israel

A Hebrew channel said, on Thursday, that more than 10 missiles were launched from Lebanon, at northern Israel, coinciding with the sound of sirens in a number of settlements.

Channel 12 said: “More than 10 missiles were monitored from Lebanon at the towns of Shumira and Zarit in northern Israel.”

It explained that a missile hit a house in the town of Zarit in the Western Galilee.

The Hebrew channel indicated that sirens sounded in a number of Israeli towns near the Lebanese border, including Zarit, Shomira, and Arab Al-Aramshe.

In turn, Hezbollah said in a statement: “We bombed the Israeli Zarit barracks with dozens of Katyusha rockets, in response to the assassination carried out by the (Israeli) enemy in Deir Kifa.”

The Israeli army previously announced in a statement the assassination of “Fadl Ibrahim, the commander of Hezbollah’s operations in the Joya region, who was responsible for planning and carrying out attacks against Israeli territory. At the same time, he worked in command of infantry forces in the Joya region,” he said.

This came after Hezbollah, in a previous statement, mourned “Abbas Ibrahim Hamza Hamada (Fadl Ibrahim), born in 1985, from the town of Shehabiya in southern Lebanon, who rose as a martyr on the road to Jerusalem,” which is an expression the party uses to refer to those killed in the ongoing battles. With the Israeli army.

With the death of Hamada, the death toll of Hezbollah rose to 347 since last October 8, according to party data successively monitored by Anatolia.

Earlier Thursday, the official Lebanese News Agency said that a person was killed in a raid launched by an Israeli march on a car on the road from the town of Derkiva towards the town of Srifa in southern Lebanon.

It reported that the raid launched by the drone on a car on the Derkiva Road towards the town of Srifa “resulted in the fall of a dead”

In recent weeks, the “Blue Line” separating Israel and Lebanon has witnessed a remarkable escalation, and the United States has repeatedly called for it to be contained.


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Hebrew media: 10 missiles were launched from Lebanon at northern Israel