Wed 19 Jun 2024 9:37 am - Jerusalem Time

The White House cancels a meeting with Israel to protest Netanyahu's statements

Axios reported, citing American officials, that the White House canceled a high-level meeting with Israel regarding Iran that was scheduled to be held tomorrow, Thursday.

The two officials said that the decision came in protest against a video by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding supplying the Israeli army with American weapons, with the aim of sending a message to Netanyahu.

On the other hand, Axios quoted an Israeli official as saying that the White House informed the Israeli government that President Joe Biden’s senior advisors had decided to cancel the strategic dialogue between Tel Aviv and Washington regarding Iran.

On the other hand, another American official indicated that the meeting was only postponed until a later time due to organizational problems.

Netanyahu's statement

Netanyahu had criticized the Biden administration in a video recording, and stated that it was unreasonable for Washington to withhold weapons and ammunition from Israel during the past months.

Netanyahu called on the American administration to lift the restrictions imposed on military support for Israel, with the aim of completing the mission faster, as he put it.

He also added in his statement that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken assured him that the US administration is working to remove restrictions on providing weapons to Israel.

Sanders' statements

For his part, independent US Senator Bernie Sanders criticized Netanyahu after he appeared in a video expressing his dissatisfaction with Washington's failure to provide weapons to Israel as quickly as Tel Aviv requested.

Sanders stressed in a statement that the United States should withhold all offensive military aid to Israel, and use its influence to demand an end to the war on Gaza.

The US Senator called on the Biden administration to urge the Israeli government to seek to bring humanitarian aid into Gaza without restrictions, to stop the killing of Palestinians in the West Bank, and to take initial steps towards a two-state solution.


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The White House cancels a meeting with Israel to protest Netanyahu's statements