Sat 15 Jun 2024 7:11 pm - Jerusalem Time

A former Israeli official: Israel's status as a regional power has become questionable

Israeli media quoted the former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Division, Tamir Hayman, as saying, “Israel’s militarily strong image is declining, and its status as a regional power has become questionable, in addition to facing the risk of isolation.”

Hayman stressed, according to the Israeli media, that if a comprehensive war breaks out in northern occupied Palestine, it “will not be like any other event experienced on the home front in Israel.”

Regarding the war with Lebanon, Hayman said: “Before we decide to launch a comprehensive war in Lebanon, we must determine how it will end, and what will push Hezbollah to accept a ceasefire, as failure in a broad war against Hezbollah would put Israel in a situation worse than the current situation.” Present".

In the same context, political affairs commentator on the Israeli Kan channel, Gili Cohen, stated that the security and military institutions in the occupation entity believe that “in order for Nasrallah to stop his attacks in the north, he must first of all end the operation in Rafah, and then strive to A prisoner exchange deal, this is the only thing that pushes him to cease fire towards Israel.”

In the same context, the military affairs commentator in Cannes, Roi Sharon, pointed out that “if we can reach an agreement with Hezbollah without going into a war on the northern border, then this is certainly better, because the war in the north is a different opera.” Exactly in terms of the damage that will occur on the Israeli home front, in terms of the economy, and the number of deaths.”

For his part, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak confirmed the failure of the war against Hamas, stressing the need to stop it, saying, “The war against Hamas is a failure and must be stopped and the prisoners returned with a political agreement. One million demonstrators and 50,000 sit-ins must be mobilized in front of the Knesset, to oblige the government to go on... Direction of the transaction.

The Israeli "Army" also reported that it had detected two missiles landing in the "Meron" area on the northern border with Lebanon, noting that its planes bombed a Hezbollah military building in Kafr Kila, southern Lebanon, last night.


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A former Israeli official: Israel's status as a regional power has become questionable