Sat 15 Jun 2024 11:14 am - Jerusalem Time

"Axios": Democrats are planning to go "more" than just boycotting Netanyahu's speech

The American website "Axios", citing informed sources, confirmed that Democratic representatives are discussing a wide range of options to confront the speech of occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress next month.

The website explained that the Democrats are preparing to send a strong signal expressing dissatisfaction with the Israeli war effort, and with Netanyahu's leadership in particular.

Suggestions include holding a press conference, holding a protest, or organizing an event with the families of the prisoners, many of whom feel that Netanyahu did not do enough to free their children.

According to one of Axios' sources, some Democratic representatives "feel very frustrated because Netanyahu's visit undermines the work of the Biden administration and does not respect the Israelis who want Netanyahu to leave."

Democrats between boycott and obstruction

One lawmaker said that several House Democrats were planning to attend the speech, but intended to disrupt it.

The site stopped at the harsh criticism directed by Democrats who originally supported "Israel" of "Israeli operations in Gaza" in recent months.

In a related context, on Tuesday, Axios revealed a division among Democrats in the Senate between those who support imposing sanctions on the International Criminal Court, in response to the court’s decision to request an arrest warrant against Netanyahu, and those who are concerned about harming US relations. With the court in a sustainable manner.

The website confirmed that the talks on this matter between the Democratic and Republican parties in the Senate have reached a dead end, and that determining the strength of the response to the court has become a politically thorny issue before the 2024 elections.


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"Axios": Democrats are planning to go "more" than just boycotting Netanyahu's speech