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Ehud Barak describes “absolute victory” as an empty slogan... “We are closer to absolute failure.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, confirmed that “Israel” is currently facing the peak of a rolling, evolving crisis that is far from over, which is the most dangerous in its history, saying that “the crisis began on October 7 with the most horrific failure in the state’s history.”

Barak added in an article published by Haaretz newspaper, “The current crisis continues in a war that, despite the courage and sacrifice of the soldiers, appears to be the most failed war in our history, the result of strategic paralysis at the highest level.”

He explained: “We stand before a difficult, decisive decision, between bad alternatives regarding the issue of continuing the fighting in Gaza, expanding the operation against Hezbollah in the north, and risking a comprehensive, multi-arena war that includes Iran and its arms, and all of this while in the background the systemic coup that seeks towards religious dictatorship continues.” Racism, extremism, nationalism, and obscurantist Christianity.”

He stated, “The crisis requires recruiting everything that is good, strong, and effective within us in order to return to the path of strength, growth, enlightenment, and hope, which Israel has followed for most of its years... This is the true victory.”

He pointed out that, “At this specific point in time, there is no room for error, and a courageous and direct vision of what happened and why it happened is required, and determination is required to reform quickly, even in the face of opposition and reservations.”

He stated that this “requires decisions, courage and actions, both from the opposition leadership and from brave and strong members of the coalition, and also from all of us, the civilian public.”

Barak warned, “This is a real emergency, and the essence of our catastrophe is precisely that at a time of catastrophe Israel is led by a government and a prime minister who are clearly unqualified to assume their positions, and those responsible for what happened on October 7 and for managing the failed war in Gaza are not qualified to manage Israel and bring it to peace.” “The new chapter has greater dangers.”

He said, “The captain who sank two ships one after the other is prohibited from placing the helm of the third and final ship in his hand.”

He explained, “If this government of failure remains as it is, we could find ourselves within months, or even weeks, deeply stuck in the unity of the arenas, and Qassem Soleimani’s tender dream, and this while Israel is isolated and has a dispute with the United States, which is the only country that provides... We have weapons and effective diplomatic support.”

He added: “We are threatened by the issuance of international orders in The Hague, and a number of countries that seek to recognize the Palestinian state even without negotiations with Israel, and this merger creates a near and certain danger to the security of the state and its future, to which is added the danger to its future as a democratic state.”

Barak considered that what “we need now is an immediate deal to return the kidnapped people, even at the price of a pledge to stop the war.” And calm the situation in the south and north through a political settlement, even if temporary, with American mediation.”

He stated that “the displaced from the cover towns and the towns of the north must be returned to their homes, the reserves must be renewed, the Israeli army should be revived, and the economy should be restored to activity... If we succeed in resuming intimate relations with the American administration, this matter could advance normalization with Saudi Arabia and the crystallization of an Arab force entering the Gaza Strip.” Instead of the Israeli army, it supports the restoration of civilian control, at the basis of which there is a Palestinian party, not Hamas.”

He added, "All of this must come alongside efforts to stop extradition orders from The Hague, and get out of international isolation... In other words: Yes to Biden, and a big no to Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich."

He said: “For everyone who wonders how to stop the war before absolute victory, the answer is that we are far from the end in Gaza, seven months according to the head of the National Security Agency, Tzachi Hanegbi, and years according to Benny Gantz, and until that time the kidnapped will return in coffins or their fate will be like the fate of Ron Arad, taking into account these facts, neglecting them for years means the disintegration of the moral foundation of society and the state.”

He stressed that “absolute victory is an empty slogan from the beginning. With Netanyahu’s failed administration, we are closer to absolute failure. Regarding stopping the war with an international commitment, it must be remembered that if Hamas or Hezbollah threaten Israel after half a year or after a year and a half in a way that requires action, a government can Sovereignty in Israel may decide to act despite the commitment.”

He explained: “This applies to any future prime minister, and certainly to Netanyahu, who has violated political and international obligations many times.”

He said: “There will be those who will say why in particular we must act, and I tell them that bad things happen when good people remain silent,” adding that “others in positions of influence will make the matter difficult and say: Is it really time to act?” I quote Dante and say to them: The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who chose to stand aside when a moral decision was required.”

He concluded by emphasizing that “failing to overthrow this government and its president early endangers the future and continued existence of the State of Israel... The time has come for action, and we will not forgive ourselves and future generations will not forgive us if we walk with our eyes open, but blinded towards the moral abyss and the threat.” The existentialist that exists before us, just as the dreaming fighters of previous generations, the leaders and soldiers of the Israeli army now, are waiting for us to rise up and work. This matter is in our hands. We have to know how to work.”


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Ehud Barak describes “absolute victory” as an empty slogan... “We are closer to absolute failure.”