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The Palestinians and initiatives to reform their situation

The Palestinian political class consists of a limited number of people, some of whom are invited to sit behind the Palestine banner in Arab, regional and international conferences, in their various specializations, and others are invited to capitals to hold talks to end the division, and many of them sign petitions calling for reform of the situation, and the preferred title for this is “The Liberation Organization,” and the lowest-ranking title is “the National Authority.”
Since October 7, 2023, the Palestinian situation as a whole has entered a phase different from all the phases that preceded it, when a major Palestinian faction, the Hamas movement, was able to cause an earthquake that shook the foundations of the Hebrew state and opened the gates of hell to the entire region. For the first time in the history of the conflict with Israel, the flames extend and continue over the longest period of time, over the longest geographical area extending from Gaza to Bab al-Mandab.
All the developments that followed the terrible 7th of October seemed truly unprecedented, in terms of the extent of destruction, the abundance of blood, and the blockage of practical prospects for solutions. Conversely, this resulted in the loudest global talk about the inevitability of going to a radical solution to the Palestinian issue, which the world renewed its recognition of as a reason. to the flames in the Middle East, while acknowledging - in varying tones - our negligence in not reaching this solution early.
As a result, initiatives towards prior recognition of the Palestinian state expanded, completing the more comprehensive recognition embodied by the countries of the world by an overwhelming majority in the United Nations, which was met with almost comprehensive condemnations of Israel. It reached its peak in the International Court of Justice, as well as the Criminal Court, and we can say that the abundance of blood shed over the past eight months has produced a growing international case towards the option of a Palestinian state.
permission; Everything changed globally, including what happened in America itself. Where the university uprising and the relative change in American public opinion were in favor of the Palestinians, after it had been closed in favor of their opponents.
However, what is confusing about the matter, and which can be described as a phenomenon, is that this change and its impact on the Palestinian situation seemed faint and weak, as everything that was before this global development remained the same. Rather, it has become more deteriorating, as if the war of annihilation and destruction is taking place elsewhere. The long-term division has transcended the rivalry between the two traditional poles: “Fatah” and “Hamas,” reaching the “PLO,” which is now making calls to reform it, while clinging to its reality, which it has called the Council. She has stagnation and lack of initiative.
Always and without interruption, initiatives and conferences were taking place that included thousands of Palestinians who considered the “organization” their moral homeland, their protective umbrella for them and their cause, and their common dream of return and the establishment of a state. However, what actually happened was that these efforts froze without anything significant changing in the reality of the “organization.” “And the mechanisms of its attendance and decisions.
Attempts to reform the moral homeland will continue to exist and be repeated, whether through petitions or initiatives, including popular conferences, for example, but their achievement of the desired results remains not guaranteed, because those who seek reform by signing petitions, and even holding conferences, do not have what you have in the field of effective and effective pressure. The forces controlling the game in their land. In the West Bank, there is an authority and organization that feeds on the world’s recognition of its legitimacy, even if it is symbolic. In Gaza, there is an authority and resistance that feeds on the failure of the competitor in its peaceful direction, and relies on the numbers of opinion polls that record a steady rise in its popularity.
In this case, we find ourselves before an equation that has a strong impact in the field of plunder. Its two basic numbers, each of which has its own calculations completely independent of the other, made the meeting between them impossible, like the meeting of two parallel lines. Otherwise, what made the division reach the point of separation, and with a time span exceeding Seventeen years, with all the woes and disasters that befell everyone? What have thousands of meetings achieved in all the hospitable capitals, except statements to satisfy the hosts and to entice others to new hosts?
Attempts at reform through initiatives, petitions, and popular conferences are natural, self-evident, and legitimate. The issue is not the property of an organization or authority, so the door to ijtihad will remain open and circulating. However, what should be paid attention to is that the established influence on the ground remains in the hands of symbolic legitimacy that the world still recognizes and deals with. And armed resistance that the public still sympathizes with, and if these two parties do not take the initiative to meet within the framework of national unity, and towards an agreed-upon national program and how to implement it, petitions will continue to be written and signed, popular conferences will continue to be held and adjourned, and the situation will remain as it is.

In this case, we find ourselves in front of an equation that has a strong impact in the field of plunder. Its two basic numbers each have their own calculations completely independent of the other, making the meeting between them impossible, like the meeting of two parallel lines.
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The Palestinians and initiatives to reform their situation


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