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What's new in Blinken's recent visit to Israel?

The UN Security Council adopted a draft American resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and unconditional implementation of the deal. Therefore, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on the Arab countries to put pressure on Hamas to agree to the American deal. This is considered not only a demand, but something similar to a military instruction, and today the world awaits Israel's public response regarding compliance with the Security Council resolution that stipulates an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
It is no longer a secret to anyone that the significance of the shuttle visits of the American Secretary of State, which have numbered eight since October 7, is that they carry within them the United States’ keenness to support Israel unlimitedly. However, there is nothing new in Blinken’s recent visit other than getting up-to-date on the developments of the war in Gaza and presenting... Political consultations with Israel, reassuring it that his country stands with it, and urging it to “shyly” agree to the terms of his country’s deal.
As for the destruction and killing taking place in the Gaza Strip, this does not matter much to the United States except for repeating empty phrases such as being careful to avoid killing civilians and others. What is unfortunate about this is that you hear America’s keenness to avoid killing and destruction, and it has forgotten what it did to the Red Indians, and what it did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere? This dishonest mediator had to stop diligently providing weapons to Israel, and stop his support for it politically, financially, and economically. .
America realized that the Zionist project was weakening somewhat, so it was very keen to support it, and entered the Gaza battle directly. The issue is not just American support for Israel with money and weapons. America has become the official sponsor of the war on Gaza.
The features of the next day remain unclear until the moment. What is important is to undermine the Gaza Strip and subjugate its residents. The military pressure on the Gaza Strip has many connotations, all of which lead to the Gaza citizen accusing “Hamas,” and this leads us to know the secrets between Israel and the United States. Today, Gaza has a different color, taste, and flavor than it was before October 7. This is how the picture appeared, but the American-Israeli dispute remains over who will take over the crossings after the next day until they reach a point of understanding in which Gaza has been completely wiped out of existence, and nothing remains, and this is what is required.
Redrawing the Gaza Strip is not that easy. Israel has destroyed hundreds of thousands of buildings and roads and demolished universities, schools, mosques, etc. It remains for it to work to change the thinking of Hamas and Jihad, in other words, to change the renewed idea of Hamas, which is a copy of the Palestine Liberation Organization. A viable Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital. This is what is required today by Hamas. The question that arises is: Will Hamas, as a movement, modify its approach in order to obtain a Palestinian state in which it can be a partner? Experiment is always the best example and evidence of behavior change in the science of experimental research. You will find that the results are more accurate than other research such as descriptive and historical research, through which the researcher collects information without having fingerprints, but in experimental research the situation is different in the sense of the enthusiastic experience from October 7. To this day, Hamas has reached important results, which is that waging wars requires a comprehensive study of all aspects, the most important of which is securing the home front, protecting civilians, and staying away from fighting inside cities. For this reason, Israel still insists on destroying Hamas, and it is in no hurry, as long as American and other support is available without limits. Israel was able to shift the battle from its surroundings, that is, from the envelope that was occupied for limited hours to the heart of the Gaza Strip, and this is what was expected before the war within what was proposed internally by Israel and America, which is the occupation of Gaza and the elimination of Hamas militarily, and I put ten lines under (militarily).
The truth is that there is a need for Arab creative thinking regarding the Zionist movement and what it aspires to. Nothing has changed in Zionist thought and doctrine from that date until today. Rather, practices have become more extreme, and there is no indication that the scene may witness fundamental changes. Especially since the reality after the Gaza War will not be the same as before. Israeli Zionism has changed over the decades, producing extreme right-wing politicians, such as Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who represent the political front for organized crime groups represented by settlers.
On this basis, we must acknowledge that America is still the strong, undisputed supporter of the Zionist project, and this is what Badin said after his visits to Israel a day or two after the events of October 7. If there had been no Israel, we would have created it. This is a useful summary of the visits of Blinken, the US Secretary of Defense, and others. : "Israel...and after the flood."
America realized that the Zionist project was weakening somewhat, so it was very keen to support it, and entered the battle of Gaza directly. The issue is not just American support for Israel with money and weapons. America has become the official sponsor of the war on Gaza.


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What's new in Blinken's recent visit to Israel?


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